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The Out-of-Towners

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The Out-of-Towners

Maxine gets home to find Peter on the sofa drinking a beer. Everyone else has gone out for ice cream. Also, probably, to swing past the liquor store to stock up on Stoli and club soda. The door bell rings. Yes, it's Richard Crenna, with flowers. He whines that Maxine won't return his phone calls. She accuses him of stalking her, and tells him she doesn't want to be "subjected to any more of [his] scams." Richard tells her that she's "got it all wrong." Maxine is in full tell-off mode, when Nosey Peter comes to the door and sees Richard, who he recognizes for some reason. Peter pulls Maxine inside the house and breathlessly informs her that Richard is some kind of insanely wealthy, "Forbes 500, 100 Most Powerful CEOs" kinda guy. Maxine looks perplexed, then blasé, and then deeply embarrassed. Peter grabs her coat, throws it on her and shoves her out the door to make up with him. Pimping out your own mother. That's charming.

Maxine meets Richard on the porch. He's got a limo waiting for them. He explains that he couldn't find "a graceful way" to tell her who he was, and that he's more interested in her than he's been in anyone for years. They chuckle over the entire débacle, as Richard sweeps her into the limo. Peter, in the house, starts figuring out what kind of prenuptial agreement Maxine ought to agree to, in order to secure him the greatest amount of inheritance. We don't see that part, but I'm sure that's what's happening.

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Judging Amy




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