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The Out-of-Towners

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The Out-of-Towners

After the plaintiffs leave the courtroom, and Amy and Bruce are gathering their things, Bruce ventures the subject of their conversation the night before. Amy says she knows she was out of line, but Bruce interrupts her and tells her that he was the one who was out of line. He explains that "it's hard to be humiliated in front of someone you respect." She softly tells him that she respects him, too. They gaze at one another. Awwww. That was a good scene.

At DCF, Maxine tromps into Jim's office and hands him her resignation. He tells her he can't accept it. She tells him he doesn't have a choice. Jim makes some sympathetic noises about "the tragic death that came about" and, whoa Nellie, Maxine lets him have it, telling him that Susie is as responsible for Mrs. DelBello's death "as the man who pulled the trigger." She makes some more noise, about political agenda and whatnot and turns on her heel, for the second time in the this scene, to leave. But Jim calls after her, saying those three little words that Maxine longs to hear: "You were right." He follows that up with her three other favorite words: "Susie was wrong." Sure enough, this brings Maxine right back into the room, but she can't give in, not just yet. "Tell that to those children with a dead mother!" she hollers. Jim tries to defuse the situation and tells Maxine that he needs Susie to run the department, because he doesn't have anyone else to do it, now does he? Maxine gives him the stink-eye and turns to walk out again. Yadda yadda yadda, Maxine agrees to run DCF on a temporary (yeah, right) basis, while Susie is stuck doing clerical work until the investigation is over. Jim is the only person on this show who can get Maxine to do anything. I think he's my idol. I also think that Susie Nixon is going to be very, very, very sorry, very, very, very soon.

Vincent and The Girlfriend are all splayed out, naked, on his bed. Have I mentioned that I hate her? Because I do. Vincent wonders if they're going to become one of those couples who resolve every argument by having "wild monkey sex." The Girlfriend hopes so. Vincent kisses her foot. I vomit into a potted plant. Vincent starts getting dressed for work and the happy couple banter about Vincent's glamorous job covering city council meetings. They have no chemistry at all. Vincent has better chemistry with his sister. He had better chemistry with Kristin Davis when he played the Straight Gay Guy (or was it the Gay Straight Guy?) on Sex in the City. He has better chemistry with the furniture in his apartment. In the midst of all the non-chemistry, the Girlfriend's purse drops on the bed and a number of things spill out, including a handgun. Vincent gives her a "what the hell?" look and she tells him not to "overreact." He asks her why she has a gun. Because she likes the heft it gives her handbag, Vince. The Girlfriend explains that "the guy is probably going to get off." Vincent echoes my thoughts as he asks her incredulously if she thinks she's going to shoot him. She tells him that she's scared. Vincent tells her that he doesn't think The Creep actually is going to get off. The Girlfriend tells Vincent that "he doesn't know what it's like" to be attacked. Is she high? He got shot. Does no one recall that part but me? Thank God, at last Vincent gets angry and reminds the Girlfriend that he was the one who took the bullet. The Girlfriend brats that maybe she needs "more of a sense of control over [her] life than [he] does." That was a low blow. Vincent asks her what she means by that. She explains that she read that he needed some convincing to go down and look at the lineup. Vincent tells her that she's not afraid, but that she's angry at him. He reminds her that he's "not a hero." The Girlfriend picks up her Smith and Wesson Carry-All. "You don't have to keep proving it," she snips, and stomps out. Oh, their relationship is deteriorating in front of our very eyes. Too bad, so sad.

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Judging Amy




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