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The God Thing

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The God Thing

Amy is leaving the courthouse when Donna pulls her aside. She haltingly and sadly tells her that Greta has died. The anvil has landed. Amy is stunned. Donna gently tells her that they think it was a heart attack, because chemotherapy is hard on the organs. She offers to drive Amy home, and tells her that she didn't want to overhear it in the hallway. Amy thanks her, and walks off in a daze. Poor Greta.

Amy arrives home to a dark house. Breaking down, she races though the rooms, calling for Maxine. No one, of course, is home. Amy picks up the phone, but gets Vincent's machine. She sits for a moment, then runs for the door.

Bruce sees her, just as he's walking into church. Amy's not crying, but she's close. She tells him the bad news, and Bruce is appropriately sympathetic. She tells him that no one was home, and she knew he was there, and she halting asks him why he does the church thing. He tells her that it's how he gets through the week. He says he has "three choices of what to believe. A: There is no God. B: There is a callous God, who doesn't care if horrible things happen to people, or C: There is a benevolent God who is beyond understanding, and [Bruce] has to give him the benefit of the doubt when he looks bad." Amy, almost despairingly, asks what "makes him choose C." Bruce tells her it's "the look in his daughter's face when [he] tucks her in at night." He asks Amy, once again, if she'd like to go inside the church. She's trying not to cry, and refuses again. He asks if she'd rather be alone. She's trying so hard not to cry that she can't answer. Bruce puts his arm around her and walks her into church. Poor Amy. Good thing she has Bruce, because he rules.

Next week: Amy and Maxine are on opposite sides of the law! Well, sorta.

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Judging Amy




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