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The God Thing

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The God Thing

Halls of Justice. Roofies ruling. Amy hypothesizes that Red and Alan have a "possibly sociopathic disregard for the consequences of [their] actions" and gives them a lecture on the devastating effect roofies have on victims. She says that it's "not the education of women that's going to change the problem of rape, it's the education of young men." Word. Amy tells Mimi that she's "doing a terrible job" raising her son, and she doesn't know why she shouldn't transfer the case to criminal court. She sits back and watches Mimi, Mr. Mimi, Red, Alan, and their lawyer spring to their feet and hoot and holler. Damn, people, weren't you listening? Amy says that she sees no reason why she shouldn't send the boys to criminal court, but she won't. She sentences them to a three-year sentence at Long Lane in exchange for a plea on the possession charges. Red and Alan look pissed, probably realizing that they're going lose their jobs at Abercrombie and Fitch, where, like all A&F employees, they ignore the customers who want to give them money, and instead toss a Nerf football around all day. Amy smiles. "Sorry boys," she says. "I just wanted to see what would happen."

At DCF, Maxine tries to give Kimberly some helpful hints about being a good social worker. Kimberly rolls her eyes and back talks. Maxine is being remarkably calm with her. She's interrupted by another social worker who tells her that her "limo is out front." Maxine looks flabbergasted. I chuckle. I can't help it, it just happened.

Maxine is shown into a very lavish, wood-planned study by Mr. Moneypants - er, Richard Crenna, who says "it's not home, but it's much." I guess so. He's got a big evening planned, but warns her that she might lose him for a wee bit while he takes a conference call. In an attempt at sincerity that rings kind of creepy, he tells Maxine that they don't need "his and hers millions," because, you know, he has enough to go around. Richard proposes they toast Maxine's new job, but she wants to wait to toast her resignation, which she plans to tender the next day. She tells Richard that she hates being supervisor, and she's horrible at it. Besides, she never gets to see "people," she's so busy. Richard, supposing that "people" means him, tells Maxine that he was wondering when he'd "factor into this." She tells him that she tends to "get busy" when she's nervous about "starting something new" and that it's a "bad habit [she'd] like to break." Richard Crenna kisses her. She kisses back. I have nothing against older people in love, but, millions notwithstanding, I think Maxine could do better. Crenna rubs me the wrong way.

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Judging Amy




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