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The God Thing

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The God Thing

In chambers, Amy and Greta are talking trash about Leesha, and how shallow and superficial she is. Amy wonders how properly to deal with her former husband's girlfriend. I don't know, but I bet taking her bathing suit shopping and then bad-mouthing her, while perhaps normal, is not "proper." The girls make a series of snarky remarks. Amy expresses relief that Greta hasn't "wigged out on [her] with this God business." Greta reminds Amy that she is still the same person, despite having found God. Blah blah blah, religioncakes.

Vincent races, furious, out of the courthouse, The Girlfriend on his heels. He calls her on the perjury and tells her that if the Creep "walks now, it'll be [her] fault." The Girlfriend, naturally, takes this moment to remind him that it was HIS testimony that was thrown out, and weepily accuses him of never supporting her. Vincent stops dead in his tracks and says, "That's insane." Yeah, I'd say taking a bullet for you is providing pretty good support. The Girlfriend asks if they can "do this" somewhere else. Vincent pulls a backbone out of his briefcase and tells her no, that he doesn't want to do it at all, that is isn't going to work between them. The Girlfriend, incredulous, asks if he's this angry simply because she altered her testimony "to put the Creep who shot you in jail?" OK, that was a big, fat shout out. Vincent informs The Girlfriend that he can't count on her to tell him the truth, and that their relationship is based on nothing but a "mutual horror story." The Girlfriend tells him that he's "just running away." Yes, he is. Away from you! She trudges off, forever, if we're lucky. Vincent looks, yes, pensive, but with a tiny touch of glee. The church bells ring, the birds sing and, everywhere, flowers burst riotously into bloom. The Girlfriend is gone, God Bless America! And Canada.

In Amy's chambers, Bruce reminds her that he has church that afternoon and will be leaving right after court. He reiterates that she's welcome to join him. She demurs, saying that for once she'll have the house to herself, and, besides, she isn't going to go to church until he can explain to her why he does. Bruce tells her she's going to have a looooong wait. In hell, Godless heathen! OK, he leaves the last part off.

At DCF, Maxine has gathered the Wire-Bender, the Lawyer and Dad to talk about the McElroy boys. I so don't care about this case. Lawyer gets cranky about the amount of work she has to do, and how her child support checks are cruddy and how she's trying to make partner. Maxine explains that she has nothing against working mothers; she and her daughters are working mothers themselves. She asks Mr. McElroy if he's ever considered taking custody of the boys. At this, the Lawyer gives a very terse and unfelt Please Don't Take My Babies Away From Me speech, and Dad says that he doesn't want to be disruptive. Wire-Bender says they just want Lawyer to do a better job. Maxine opens up her can of state-sponsored whoopass and tells Lawyer that she better come home earlier, and she better make sure the kids go to school and she better know where the hell the kids are all the time. And if she continues to neglect her sons, Maxine will call the Lawyer's supervisor and tell him or her that the Lawyer is being investigated for child neglect. And then she can kiss her chances to make partner goodbye. With this, justice meted out properly, Maxine makes a grand exit.

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Judging Amy




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