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The God Thing

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The God Thing

How sad is it that Rick Springfield has agreed to appear in a commercial that features him giving concerts at county fairs? It's like he's advertising how washed-up he is.

Amy and Leesha are having coffee. You know Leesha is shallow because her coffee order is complicated and of the L.A. Story half-caf/double latte/light vanilla/thin foam genre. Could the writers have picked an easier way to characterize her? Man, the further into this recap I get, the crankier I become. Leesha wants to make up with Amy, but Amy is peeved that Leesha told Lauren about their argument. Leesha starts to cry and wails she "keeps messing up." She weeps that she really wants to be a good stepmother and she desperately wants to "make a good impression" on Amy. Amy clearly feels like a heel, in light of what is obviously Leesha's fundamental niceness. Leesha sobs that she just wanted to be, like, friends, you know? Guilt takes over Amy's brain and she agrees that, of course, they can be friends. The guilt is deeply powerful, I guess, because somehow, Amy agrees to go bathing suit shopping with Leesha. As bratty as Amy has been all episode, I don't think anyone deserves that kind of punishment. Leesha is thrilled. I know she's supposed to be dumb and bimbotic, but she actually seems really sweet.

Maxine is at the McElroy boys high school. Apparently, they've been absent and tardy so much that the principal was about to call DCF herself. They've got all kinds of other behavioral problems, too - smart mouthing, poor grades, missing homework. The principal tells Maxine that Lawyer Mom is concerned only about her career. Everyone watching Gets It.

Amy and Leesha are in the throes of swimsuit shopping. Amy is awkwardly attempting to tie a sarong, but she's got it all around her waist instead of her hips. I'd just like to say that while I understand no woman enjoys shopping for swimsuits, Amy has nothing to complain about. You could bounce a quarter off those abs. Anyhoo, from the other dressing room, Leesha starts chattering about how much Michael (Amy's Ex) looooooves the sarongs, because "he's such a butt man." Amy, understandably, looks horrified at this line of conversation. Leesha comes in the dressing room to help Amy with the sarong, and mid tie, perkily comments that she ought to give Amy "the name of [her] waxer." I'm sorry, I laughed. Was that wrong?

Back at the Creep's trial, The Girlfriend has yet again taken the stand. She's explaining the entire purse-snatching/Vincent-shooting part of the afternoon. She tells the court that the Creep forced her into her car, which we all know didn't happen, because they just re-ran the shooting episode. Vincent, in the audience, looks angry. The defense picks all kinds of holes in the Girlfriend's testimony, and rightfully insults the Girlfriend's integrity as a witness, over myriad overturned objections from the District Attorney. The Girlfriend looks perturbed that she's been thus thwarted. Vincent, for once, actually doesn't end the scene looking pensive. Instead, he just looks pissed. And hot.

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Judging Amy




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