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The God Thing

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The God Thing

Vincent is leaning against the wall outside the criminal courts building. The Girlfriend emerges in all her Perjured Glory, and seems surprised to find him there. Vincent says that she never told him the story about seeing the Creep in the store, and wonders why she didn't tell that part to the police. The Girlfriend says "it didn't seem important." Vincent questions her a bit more about the store story, and the Girlfriend tells him to stop "grilling [her]." Vincent apologizes, twice. Oh, ditch her, already, Vince!

Richard Crenna picks Maxine up at DCF. They're chatting about the very, very expensive restaurant they're planning to try, when the wire-bending artiste, Mrs. McElroy the second, comes bursting in the door, asking what, exactly, she has to do to get some service around there! Blah, blah, blah, Maxine agrees to double-check Kimberly's work. Richard isn't going to get any tonight, either. He tells her that he "doesn't discourage easily." He creeps me out, I'm sorry.

Halls of Justice. Donna tells Amy that she's made an appointment for Amy to have coffee with Leesha, Amy's ex-husband's new girlfriend. Amy dubs Leesha "Trophy Wife Barbie." Amy informs Donna she can't have coffee with Leesha. Donna tells Amy she's already made the appointment, because Leesha sounded so upset. Amy is irritated with Donna. Bruce is amused. Donna tells Amy that Leesha was "genuinely distressed" about a recent run-in she had with Amy and that, apparently, Lauren was upset about it, too. Amy asks Donna if Leesha told Lauren (dude, it's like junior high school all over again) about the argument. Donna says that Leesha told Lauren they'd "had words, not that [Amy was] a bitch, or anything." Hee hee. CBS let "bitch" get through the censors. It's their answer to all the nudity over on NYPD Blue. Greta pops her head in Amy's office, as Donna backs out of the room, swearing she will never, ever make personal appointments for Amy again, but that this time...well, Amy has to deal and go. Sorry. Greta manages to swerve past Donna's kowtowing exit, and hands Amy a small package. It's a religious artifact type thing, a "mezuzah," which is, in Greta's words "a little reminder of God's presence." She tells the visibly uncomfortable Amy that she won't be offended if Amy doesn't want to put it up, but that she just wanted Amy to have it. Amy hems and haws. Greta asks if "the God thing" is freaking Amy out. Duh. Amy lies and says it isn't. After Greta leaves, Amy looks at the mezuzah and rolls her eyes. You know, I think Amy is being really disrespectful about this entire religion thing, but I also think it's a little weird of Greta to be giving religious items to a staunchly unreligious person. It's a little heavy-handed, is all. I think Greta might be a little subtler than that. I'm just sayin'.

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Judging Amy




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