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The God Thing

I can't help it. Every time I see Debra Messing in the ad for Jesus I laugh. As my Bible, Entertainment Weekly so astutely pointed out this week, her presence makes you wish you were watching Sean Hayes in Just Jesus!. Man, I wish that joke was mine. I guess that's why Ken Tucker writes for EW and I do not.

DCF; Bratty Blonde Employee Kimberly sashays her way over to Maxine and tells her that the McElroy case was "nothing, just like [she] thought." Exposition, exposition: Mom McElroy is trying to make partner at her law firm, Stepmother is "a flake" (Kimberly's word, not mine), a jewelry maker, a "wire-bender". Kimberly tells Maxine that she thinks the wire-bender is jealous of the lawyer's professional success. Maxine doesn't seem to buy it, probably because she's aware that no one who attempts to make a living as an artist is secretly harboring a desire to be a lawyer. Kimberly says tersely that everyone except the wire-bender is happy with the custody arrangements. Maxine gives Kimberly her OK to close the case. I wonder if this is going to rear its ugly head again?

The Girlfriend is on the stand at the Creep's trial, under cross-examination. The defense is trying to make it look as though she didn't really get a good look at The Creep. Vincent slides in the back. The Girlfriend isn't keeping her cool very well, changing her testimony, and going back and forth. She shakily asserts that she got a good look at the guy. The judge looks doubtful. The jury looks doubtful. The DA looks irritated. The Girlfriend tells the court that she'd also seen the Creep "in the produce section" of the market, and spins some tale about how he asked her where the onions were. The Creep shakes his head. The Girlfriend says that she didn't mention the onion encounter to the police because she didn't think "anyone was going to try to make it look like I didn't see him." She looks shifty. The DA looks pissed. The Defense looks pleased. I look at my watch. Vincent is appalled by The Girlfriend's willingness to perjure herself.

Halls of Justice. Red argues that they were just going to put the roofies in "some girl's drink," because they "just wanted to see what would happen." The State gives us all a little lesson in the effect roofies have on the human body; it's all bad stuff, including amnesia. The Defense calls the entire debacle, again, a "stupid prank." Mother Mimi gives the "good boys/good families" speech. Red seems to feel no remorse, but Alan looks embarrassed - perhaps because his mother is so irritating. Amy tells Mimi that she can't understand why such "good boys" had such bad drugs on their person. Alan gets defensive and whines that "they told [her]." Amy is not buying the "we wanted to see what would happen" defense. Red explains that it was "like a science project." A science project on an innocent human being. Classy, Red. Bruce wears his look of Great Disgust. Alan and Red seem sorry. Sorry that they got caught. Dude! They were just going to drug some random girl, for fun! What's your damage?

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