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The God Thing

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The God Thing

Vincent is at some bar -- naturally -- drinking a cold one and typing on his laptop. Hey, I'm drinking a cold one and typing on my laptop! It's fate! The Girlfriend sidles slyly up next to him. Vincent greets her less than enthusiastically. The Girlfriend explains that she went to his office, but they told her he was at the bar. Vincent smiles wanly. They banter awkwardly about how reporter-y he looks, and then The Girlfriend smiles and says that Vincent hasn't called. Vincent looks down at his keyboard and says that they "needed a break," that "he needed a break." The Girlfriend asks if he was planning on telling her about this "break." Vincent tells The Girlfriend that she "made him nervous," because, you know, since someone plugged him, he's been "nervous around guns." The Girlfriend gets her stony face on and tells Vincent that she got rid of the gun. Vincent is pleased. The Girlfriend tells Vincent that she thought he'd like to know that The Creep's trial was set to begin the next day. Vincent asks if she'd like him to come with her. She sort of sneers, sort of sighs, and tells him to do "what [he] thinks is right." Having completed her Mission of Guilt, The Girlfriend trudges off. Vincent looks blissfully happy. Oh, wait, no, he doesn't. He looks, yes, pensive. Of course.

DCF. Late night. Maxine sits at her desk, surrounded by paper work. A throat clears. Maxine looks up. Standing over her, like the Angel of Death, is last week's Super Special Guest Star, Richard Crenna, back for more Hot Senior Action! Maxine has forgotten their dinner date, and is so bogged down with work that she can't just leave. "Frankly," she tells Richard, "I'd forgot you existed." She promises Richard that she'll go with him the next evening, after she's mastered the art of delegating responsibility. Richard tells her that there is only one thing to remember, to be a good supervisor. Maxine guesses that the secret is "the number of a good psychiatrist." I guess that it is "half days on Friday." Richard makes some noise about not letting people leave their monkeys on your desk. I don't get it, really, but whatever. Anyhoo, Richard tells Maxine that he will cancel tomorrow night's board meeting to go out with her. He says that he'll tell the board "something more important came up." Insert your Viagra joke here.

Amy is in chambers, wearing the Gray Family Look of Pensiveness. Bruce is talking about some work-related stuff, but she's ignoring him. He asks if he ought to return "when [she's] in." Amy explains that her friend, Greta "has found God." Bruce grins (alert the press!) and says he "didn't know [God] was missing." Amy smiles. Bruce explains the very fundamental fact that Greta is not the first person with a life-threatening illness to find religion. Amy brats that Greta is "one of the most intelligent, rational people [she's] ever met," thus insulting all people with religious beliefs all over the world. Bruce calls her on it, saying that he '"loves being called ignorant and irrational." D'oh! Amy looks stunned that yet another person, in this day and age, believes in God. Bruce asks Amy where she thinks he's going every Wednesday night. Amy thinks it's night school. Bruce rolls his eyes and explains that night school is Tuesday and Thursday, and Mass is Wednesday. He explains, to Amy's great astonishment, that he's been Catholic all his life, went to parochial school, was an altar boy, the works. Amy can't believe it. Her teeth look really weird in this scene, by the way. She starts laughing nervously about the entire thing. Bruce laughs a bit at the altar boy part of the saga, himself. He turns the tables and asks Amy about her religious beliefs. She explains that the Grays are "Submarine Protestants" - they "surfaced at Christmas and Easter," but that they just basically stopped all together, one year. Bruce tells Amy that he was going to be a priest, "until he learned the definition of celibacy." He laughs. Amy laughs. Bruce has cracked a smile more in this one scene than he has in the entire season to date. His transformation from sullen, business-like, close-mouthed Bruce to laughing, joking, charming Bruce is sudden, and, yet, not unpleasant. Amy can't believe that Bruce buys "Mary and Baby Jesus and Saints and Angels." He assures her that he does, indeed, "buy it." She asks how. Dude, Amy, it's called faith, and you can't explain it in five minutes. Which is basically what Bruce says. He invites her to go to Mass with him sometime. Amy acts as though Bruce has asked her to go with him to the ritual disembowelment of a puppy, and refuses. Instead of telling Amy that maybe she ought to respect his freedom of religion and that maybe she might learn something, if not about God, at least about the sociological and cultural aspects of faith, which she might find interesting, Bruce just says that the offer stands if she changes her mind. He leaves. Amy looks completely shell-shocked. Call me crazy, but isn't this whole roofies case, at the core, far more disturbing than the idea that people you know go to church?

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Judging Amy




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