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Bruce shows up at the door of the Ranch. He tells Amy that if she goes to Criminal Courts, he won't go with her. He's upset that she didn't tell him about her big move. She brats that she hasn't actually made a decision, and wonders if Bruce came all the way over to her house in the middle of the night just to tell her that he won't tag along to Criminal Courts. "I sure as hell did," he says, "because I love you, woman! Are you blind?" (He leaves that last part off). Bruce tells Amy that he specifically chose to study family law, and he thought she felt the same way. She hems and haws.

Later that night, Amy wrestles with the costume pattern. Maxine offers to assist her, but Amy will not accept her help. Maxine expresses doubt that the costume will turn out well. Amy says she can read directions. Maxine says that she, Maxine, can do it in an hour. Amy says she can do it all by herself. Maxine purses her lips and tells Amy all weepily that she had a tough day. She stomps out to sob by the fire.

Amy chases her into the living room. Maxine explains that "everything" has become "too damn hard." She tells Amy how disheartening and hurtful her job is, and how tired she is of the entire thing. Amy tells her that it's always been hard. Maxine tells Amy she doesn't know anything about it. Amy brats that her job is tough too, but Maxine wouldn't know, because Maxine has never come to see her in court, as though court were a play that Amy was starring in. Oh, that's kind of Meta, isn't it? Anyway, Maxine says she didn't know Amy wanted her to come to watch her do her job. Amy says she shouldn't have to invite her, and that Maxine's negative attitude is not making her feel better about her own job. Maxine wisely points out that it is not her job to make Amy feel better. She stamps her way up the stairs, taking a little piece of the scenery to nibble on, in bed, with a good book.

Morning at the Ranch. A completed costume hangs on the wall. Maxine finds Amy, outside in the cold, trying to wake up. Maxine comments the costume is gorgeous. Amy says it took her all night. She sniffs. They talk about the garden. I think it's a metaphor, but I'm a little drunk, and what do I know from metaphors in this state? Amy asks Maxine what she thinks about spanking. Maxine tells her that you don't hit people you love. Amy asks Maxine not to quit her job, and explains that she's always known Maxine did important work, and now, she's in family court because of her good example. "It's a harder world," Amy says, "but that just means we have to work harder." Maxine smiles.

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Judging Amy




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