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Props to g-girl and her clever turn of phrase.

First, I have a heart attack, because for some reason, what I thought was my Judging Amy tape has, in fact, got all this Sex and the City on it, and it is so very possible that in my spazzy summer spaciness of the last few weeks, I've taped over her Honor, but no! I'm so very much smarter than I thought, and there she is after all, tacked right onto the end of Carrie and Co.

Second, I get up to pour myself a glass of water when I realize, there's beer in the fridge. Cold, frosty, delicious beer. Hmmm, beer! So, anyway, the upshot of both of these things is that you might want to just prepare yourself, because I'm feeling stupid today, and I'm getting drunk, and stupid plus drunk equals a quite possibly moronic recap.

So, Amy's presiding over a bunch of coughing, wheezing, sniffly extras and character actors and she says something about being glad that everyone could make it to court, despite it being flu season. DCF blows his nose and starts telling Amy about these three kids, who've been in and out of foster care, bliddly blah blah, and he's really getting going when a bailiff walks in, and tries to escort the defendant out of the courtroom. Defendant protests. The bailiff tells Amy that the defendant is scheduled to have a hearing in another court. Amy informs the bailiff that the defendant is currently in the middle of a hearing. The bailiff shrugs, and escorts the defendant out of the courtroom. Amy is ready to spit nails, but Bruce merely raises one eyebrow and calmly calls a five-minute recess.

In chambers, Amy rips off her robe to reveal a rather cute red boatnecked top. She's sputtering about the outrage of having her courtroom interrupted. Bruce picks up the Batphone, and gets the scoop; apparently, the judge who demanded the defendant's presence is, duh, in session.

So Amy puts her robes back on, stomps into said judge's courtroom and demands to know why he disrupted her usually swift meting-out of justice. The Judge tells her, basically, that family court is less important than criminal court. Amy gives him a piece of her mind, playing the children and families guilt card. She attempts to bring the defendant back with her, but the Judge threatens him with contempt. Amy's smarter than that, though, yes, siree! She's already done some fancy-schamcy judge paperwork to ensure that the defendant is legally allowed to abandon the criminal proceedings in order to attend to his case in family court. She stomps out, as the Judge simmers on the bench and threatens to tell Amy's supervisor on her. But that doesn't scare Her Spunkiness. She drags the defendant and Bruce back to the high holiness that is family court.

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