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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Child on Merry-Go-Round looking accusatory.

"So, you're going to recuse yourself?" Bruce is asking Judge Amy as they walk into her office. "Yep!" Judge Amy says decidedly. "I see," Bruce says. "What?" Judge Amy asks, taking off her judgely robes. "Nothing," Bruce answers. "If you have a question, you can just come out and ask it," Amy says flirtatiously. "I don't want to ask a question," Bruce tells her. "Oh, right, you have absolutely no interest in the nature of my relationship to Mr. Gillette," Amy states. "That's right," Bruce says. "No, it's not!" Amy insists. "Yes, it is," Bruce says in a case-closed tone of voice. "No, it's not!" Amy insists. "It's none of my business," Bruce says. "Oh, I see, you're afraid if you ask me about my business, then I'll ask you about yours," Amy says, tipping her head at him. Bruce tells her that's not the nature of their relationship. Amy says that some colleagues actually talk about things other than work. "We don't," Bruce states. Amy corrects him: "Well, you don't, I do. You never tell me anything." Yes, but Amy, not everyone appreciates diarrhea of the mouth where your personal life is concerned, okay? "Her name is Mia," Bruce says. "Mia?" Amy asks, acting as though she has no idea to whom Bruce is referring. "That's what you wanted to know, isn't it? The woman I was talking to in here? Mia's my daughter's mother," Bruce tells her. "Mia is a pretty name," Amy says tonelessly.

Bruce explains they were young when they met. They had a baby; Mia wasn't ready for the responsibility because there were things she still wanted to do like have a career. So Mia went off to Paris and became a model and now she's returned, ready to try being a family. Gee, I wonder if this will become a custody case that will come before Amy. Guess she'll have to recuse herself from every case when a man she loves is involved. Amy perches next to Bruce on the desk and asks him how he feels about that. Bruce says he doesn't know: "I carried the torch for a long time, didn't expect this day to come, though. So how do you feel about Mr. Gillette?" Amy tells him that she's a judge and she's a lawyer so it's probably best for her not to feel anything. Way to open up, Amy, when Bruce finally got personal. Could you be less forthcoming? They both stare musingly off into space. Bruce breaks the silence by saying, "It doesn't really help to talk, does it?" Amy agrees.

Vincent returns to his pad as Lisa is leaving what appears to be yet another message. I say "yet another" because her message is saying that it's Lisa "again" and she leaves her number again in case he lost it. Vincent makes no move to pick up the phone as she's leaving the message.

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Judging Amy




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