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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Bruce is briefing Amy about her next case and they proceed to court. Before she can leave her office, Donna stops her. "Are you seeing someone?" she asks, wide-eyed. "Excuse me?" Amy asks, flustered. "You're glowing!" Donna exclaims. "No, I'm not," Amy says, trying to get out from under Donna's eye. "Oh, yeah, ya are!" Donna insists. "Donna!" Amy barks, "I'm not glowing." "Sorry," Donna says, chastened, but she and Bruce exchange amused looks. In the courtroom it appears that counsel hasn't shown up yet. Suddenly the door flings open and there he stands in golden glory: Tom Gillette! Okay, it wasn't that dramatic but they both stare at each other and say "You?!" Bruce and Donna exchange another look.

Commercial break shows me all the fireworks.

Lawyer Tom and Judge Amy confer out in the hallway. "You didn't tell me you were a lawyer!" Judge Amy hisses. "You didn't tell me you were a judge," Lawyer Tom notes fairly. Judge Amy tells him she was saving it for their date because she wanted to impress him. Lawyer Tom asks whether they are still on for that, and Judge Amy tells him that it would be a conflict of interest. Lawyer Tom suggests that maybe she can recuse herself this once: "You might find out that you hate me." "Yeah, that's true," Judge Amy says, "then it wouldn't be a conflict." Lawyer Tom smiles winningly and Judge Amy amends that she's not going to hate him. She continues, saying that he's a child advocate lawyer and for that reason is going to be in her courtroom a lot and she can't always recuse herself. Lawyer Tom tells her to disclose to everyone that they have a social relationship but it won't prejudice her in any way. "Would you believe that if you were opposing counsel?" Judge Amy asks. "No," Lawyer Tom admits. Judge Amy sighs and says, "Why couldn't you have been a doctor?" Oh, he better not say, "Why couldn't you have been a nurse?"

Maxine appears in court and gives her opinion of reunifying the family. She tells them that it is her belief that Mr. Pruitt has sexually abused Jodi. Objections are raised and the judge tells Maxine that he's read the case report, where it is documented that Jodi has repeatedly denied that she was ever sexually abused by Mr. Pruitt. Maxine tells the court that Jodi also denied at first that Mr. Pruitt was beating her, but that she knew the truth because she could see the physical evidence of the beatings, and that furthermore, it wasn't until Mr. Pruitt admitted to the abuse that Jodi felt she could tell anyone. Maxine continues that the scars of sexual abuse are more difficult to see, "but they're there if you know where to look." Maxine pulls out stats on abuse cases that go unreported for all the various reasons and that when she asked Jodi if she was still afraid of her stepfather, Jodi didn't deny anything, she just said she was older and could take care of herself. Maxine's voice gets hard: "This is a ten-year-old girl. Ten-year-old children cannot take care of themselves. They need their parents, but if their parents betray them, they need us!"

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Judging Amy




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