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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Chez Vincent, Lisa notes how nice it is to be chilling with him, and Vincent agrees as he prepares dinner. They both agree that they are uncomfortable in restaurants because of the noise and for that reason can't really deal with going to movies. Lisa comments rather unnecessarily that anything violent is out of the question. Vincent sits down with two plates and asks whether tuna scares her. (Mmm, tuna sandwich; gotta put that on my grocery list, I think I gave the last can to my cats.) Lisa laughs and says she is fine with mushy food because her trachea was damaged and it's been hard to swallow lately. Vincent and Lisa both share that they have problems sleeping and that when they do sleep, they have nightmares. Lisa confesses that she dreams about Vincent saving her. Vincent comments that he was "just in the wrong place at the right time" and that if he had seen that the guy had a gun, he would've run. Lisa tells him, "But you didn't. You saved my life, Vincent. And I'll never forget that, how could I?" Vincent looks freaked. Maybe it's because Lisa's in urgent need of a 'stache wax.

Maxine pays a visit to Jodi's real mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. Pruitt. Mrs. Pruitt ushers Maxine into an unfinished room that we can assume to be the nursery since Mrs. P. appears to be preggers. Just great -- bring another innocent into the world to be abused by that monster, why don't you? Idiot. Mrs. Pruitt apologizes for Mark's being out, but he went to get more paint. What is she doing around wet paint anyway? Aren't the fumes really bad for an unborn child? God, this mother is so responsible, I can't stand it. Maxine asks Mrs. Pruitt to withdraw her petition for custody because she thinks it would be a "serious mistake." Mrs. Pruitt curtly says that Jodi belongs at home, and Maxine says that she belongs somewhere safe where Mr. Pruitt can't "molest" her. Jodi's mother gets all upset and says that they've been through all this already. Maxine tries to get through to the stupid mother, who says something along the lines of "how dare you suggest that I would allow something like that to happen to my own child?" Well, she allowed her child to be beaten until the court took her away instead of kicking the asshole out of her house right off. Just then, Mr. Pruitt walks in and attempts to smooth things over in a reasonable tone of voice: "If I did what you are suggesting, why would Jodi want to come home? Why would she want to live here? You may not believe this, but I appreciate what you are trying to do. That you care. I let her down -- we both did, mostly me ['scuse me, 'let her down'? it's not like he missed her school play, he beat her for crying out loud]. I was stupid and cruel and I drank too much and Jodi suffered for it --" "Yes, she did!" Maxine asserts forcefully. Mr. Pruitt goes on that he's in AA and they are both in counseling: "My wife's forgiven me and so has Jodi. Isn't that enough?" That would be a no. Maxine doesn't say anything and Mrs. Pruitt says they've done everything the court told them to do and they just want Jodi home. Maxine's lips tighten, which is a sure sign that they are in for a fight.

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