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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Maxine visits one of her past cases at a current foster home. A girl, Jodi, who was beaten by her drunken stepfather, was taken away from her family by DCF. Maxine tells Jodi that she understands that Jodi visited with her mother that weekend and wanted to know if Jodi's mother mentioned that she had filed a "motion for custody" with the courts. Jodi tells Maxine that her mother told her that soon she wouldn't be living with the Tanners (her foster family) anymore and could move back home. "Well, the courts will make that decision, but yes, that's what your mother's asking for," Maxine tells her and then asks, "You remember why you were placed here with the Tanners?" Jodi answers that it was because Mark, her stepfather, hit her. Jodi turns away from Maxine and continues playing her videogame. Maxine asks if there was anything else Mark did to her that she has remembered since the last time they spoke. Jodi shakes her head. "He never did anything that made you feel scared or uncomfortable -- never did anything that you didn't understand?" Maxine pursues. Jodi won't look at Maxine and gives a nearly imperceptible shake of her head. Maxine asks if Jodi understands that if she is allowed to go home, Mark will be there too. "I'm older now," Jodi tells her, still not looking at her. "I can take care of myself." Maxine looks very worried.

Amy leaves Lauren's school and is greeted by Tom, who's leaning out of his car window. Amy whips off her sunglasses and returns the greeting. "I hear you joined the carnival committee," Tom says. Amy tells him she didn't have a choice because they were going to cancel the cakewalk if she didn't join. "Nice save," Tom comments. Amy thanks him and asks what he's doing. "Pie toss," Tom tells her. "Nice gig," Amy says. 'Gig'? What is this, Lollapalooza? The conversation lags at this point, so Tom says he has to be going. Amy nods understandingly as Tom drives off, then says to herself mockingly, "'Nice gig,' sheesh." My sentiments exactly, your honour. Then we see that Tom has braked in the middle of the road and is backing up to Amy. "You know, I was thinking: You're doing cakes, I'm doing pies; maybe we should get together and try out some desserts this weekend. Unless you're married or seeing someone. Probably be a bad idea," Tom concludes. Amy tells him it wouldn't be a bad idea. "Really?" Tom says, overjoyed. Amy nods. Tom smiles, tells her he'll call her and drives off. Amy and Tom sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Lauren fighting Zach for the baby carriage. Judge Amy walks into work smiling to herself, but that smile is wiped right off her face when she sees Bruce saying goodbye to the mysterious woman and his daughter. Bruce walks by Judge Amy again, knowing that she is dying to know the scoop, and doesn't say a thing.

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Judging Amy




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