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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Court is in session, the Honourable Judge Amy presiding. Case on the docket is about a baby being shaken to death, and the eight-year-old brother stands accused. Comment on the Nanny/Matthew Eapan trial? I think so. ["And so timely! Not." -- Wing Chun] The lawyer for the defence tries to get the case dismissed on the grounds that it was an accident, not murder, and that the family has suffered enough; prosecution stands firm. Judge Amy asks the mother to describe what happened the day of Baby Molly's death. Mrs. Shepherd gets up and tearfully relates the situation as it happened. She went to do the laundry, leaving her eight-year-old son, Dylan, in charge. Dylan was watching his favourite show, Rugrats. Judge Amy questions Mrs. Shepherd about her leaving Dylan alone with the baby, and Mrs. Shepherd responds that she wasn't gone more than three or four minutes. Mrs. Shepherd continues that she went to check on the baby and discovered that the baby wasn't breathing, so she called 911 and tried CPR but it was too late. "I'm sorry," Judge Amy says, in a tone that implies this is one of her stock phrases. Mrs. Shepherd says that when she questioned Dylan, he told her that Molly wouldn't stop crying, so he gave her a little shake. I'm sorry, but I highly doubt that a child of eight would have the force to shake an infant to death. Mrs. Shepherd also tells Judge Amy that Dylan didn't understand that his sister was dead until she explained it to him, and then Dylan got really scared. Mrs. Shepherd pleads with Judge Amy to understand that Dylan would never do anything to hurt his sister, and that he just didn't understand what he was doing. Judge Amy thanks Mrs. Shepherd and concludes that she finds probable cause for the issuance of the complaint and rules that the case will stand trial. Mrs. Shepherd looks distraught. Judge Amy bustles about her papers, glancing once at the Shepherd family, but keeps a poker face.

Black and white stills of kids playing on a Merry-go-Round.

Vincent shows up at Lisa's work. He doesn't know what to say to her when she addresses him, so he asks her what she is doing there. "Um, I work here," Lisa answers. Shrink didn't say anything about PTSD affecting Vincent's neural pathways, did he? Vincent asks her what she does there at her place of work. Lisa tells him she's a systems analyst and gets into a more technical explanation of the position until she realizes just how technical she's getting. "Basically, I analyse systems," she concludes. Vincent tells her he'd like to learn more. "No, you wouldn't," Lisa says, and asks, "How did you find me?" Vincent answers that he picked up the police report on the day of the "accident," and asks if that's "a little creepy." Lisa admits, "Sort of." Vincent asks her if she's "been okay." Lisa starts to tell him she has but then admits she really hasn't. Vincent tells her he hasn't either. Lisa starts to explain but Vincent stops her because of where they are, and asks, "Do you want to get together and talk about how not okay we are?" Lisa joyfully agrees.

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