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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

At the courthouse, Amy walks into her office, where Bruce is sitting with a beautiful woman. Bruce jumps up and apologizes for losing track of time. Amy stares at the woman while juggling her armload of files. The woman stares back. No one says anything. "Well, I guess I'll come back," Amy offers pointedly, which really means, "I don't know who you are or what you're doing with him but you better get the hell out of my office before I hold you in contempt!" The woman doesn't get the subtle nuance of her tone and says, "Thanks, we'll only be a minute." I don't know who this chick thinks she is if conducting personal business in a judge's chambers takes precedence over the judge herself, and her wish to use said chambers. Bruce says, "No, we're through," and the woman looks at him and says, "We are?" Bruce ushers her out and says he'll call her later. They brush past Amy, who's still struggling to keep all her papers from slipping (has this woman never heard of a briefcase?), and the woman embraces Bruce in the hall, who just stands there, not really reacting. The woman leaves, and Bruce walks back into the office. It's obvious that Amy is just bursting to know who in the Sam Hill that woman was, but Bruce just tells her she's got a full docket and walks past her without offering to help her with her armload.

Vincent is on his shrink's plaid couch. He's telling his shrink (who used to be on Barney Miller) that he's been depressed and he thinks it's because his book is being published in paperback. "And that's bad?" the shrink asks. Vincent says he just expected the whole process to be different. "You expected it to make you different," the shrink fishes. Vincent fixes him with a gimlet eye. "No," he says firmly, knowing exactly what the shrink is getting at but being unwilling to admit to it at this time. The shrink sighs and questions Vincent about his insomnia. Vincent tells Shrink that it's because he can't get the thought of this mysterious woman -- who writes witty satire about him and his family every week -- out of his head. Actually, he just says that his insomnia isn't any better and that he's irritable all the time. Shrink asks him if he knows anything about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Vincent, who was alive during the Gulf War and should have remembered how often they were talking about PTSD on every news station, says he doesn't. Shrink explains that people exhibit "certain behaviours" following a violent event. Vincent snaps that he doesn't have a disorder and that he's just having trouble moving on after he "got in the way of a bullet." Shrink tells him it's only been a couple of months. Vincent says that Lisa's the one who should be affected, not him. "Lisa?" Shrink queries. "The woman I helped," Vincent explains. "You mean the woman you saved," Shrink corrects him. Vincent tells him not to make him into a hero. "Why, because heroes wouldn't be published in paperback?" Shrink asks, dryly. I like this Shrink 'cause he's got a sense of humor, and as Shrinks go, he's not too shrinky. Shrink asks him if he's talked to Lisa since the shooting, and Vincent answers in the negative and then asks why he would talk to her. "Just a question," Shrink says. "Nothing's ever just a question," Vincent tells him pointedly. Shrink gives him a touché kind of look.

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Judging Amy




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