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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

My thought during the credits is that Amy wanted to become a judge just so she could run down a hallway with an unzipped robe billowing behind her. And wearing heels? Give me a colossal break. In the Harvard Law Bulletin's photos of Brenneman's real-life robe-clad judge mother, Judge Brenneman is wearing hiking boots under her robes. That's sensible. Unless, of course, Amy's heels are those Easy Spirit heels you can play basketball in.

Amy is brushing Lauren's hair in the kitchen. Looking beyond the obvious unsanitariness of the scene, it reminds me of when my mother used to braid my hair every morning. There is a slight difference, however: Lauren isn't whimpering in pain as her snarls are yanked out. Amy asks about Zach Gillette. Lauren tells her that Zach just moved there from New York. Amy asks what she knows about Zach's dad. "He just moved here from New York, too!" Lauren exclaims with exaggerated gestures as she states the obvious. Jessica's reason for living walks in and asks how their mother can be out of Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts. Maxine makes her entrance, saying, "Frosted Flakes are on the list. No one eats Pop Tarts but you, Vincent, so I stopped buying them. Did you run out of food at your place, or did you just come here to spread sunshine?" Vincent says, "Donna likes to talk in the morning, I don't [yes, because in a house with Maxine and a Judge Sister, you don't have to worry about talking. Just being talked at], and her snake stares at me." Maxine takes this opportunity to give everyone a lesson in reptiles: "Snakes do not stare, they just can't blink. They don't have any eyelids." Vincent crabs about that interesting if unhelpful information. Maxine suggests that Amy stop by the grocery store that afternoon and holds the grocery list out to her freeloading daughter. Yet another subtle nudge that Amy doesn't pull her weight -- just throws it -- around the house. Amy quickly says, dismissively, "No, not today. I've got a committee meeting after school." Maxine wonders why, since Amy just did the Jog-a-thon, and Amy shrugs (something my mother told me was rude to do when speaking to elders) and says she thought it would be interesting to be on the Carnival Committee. Maxine beams proudly that her single working daughter is trying to be PTA president as well, and Vincent says that he'll do the shopping. Maxine blanches at this suggestion and an argument ensues about whether or not Vincent can go back to a grocery store after being shot outside of one. Finally, Vincent ends the conversation with an angry "Just give me the damn list!" Maxine turns to Amy for support; Amy just looks at her and continues to yank at Lauren's hair.

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Judging Amy




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