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Shaken, Not Stirred

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Lisa arrives at Vincent's (gee, stalk much?) and is greeted by Donna. Lisa is taken aback and asks for Vincent. "Who shall I say is calling?" Donna asks, a bit primly. "I'm Lisa," Lisa says. Without moving from the door, Donna shouts out of the side of her mouth, "Vincent, it's Lisa!" Donna explains that she's Vincent's roommate, that they are only roommates and that she's married. Lisa looks even more confused. Vincent comes to the door and says, "Hey, Lisa. What are you doing here?" Lisa says she could ask him the same thing. "I live here," Vincent tells her. See, it's cute, it's like when he asked her what she was doing at her own place of work. Except that it's really not that cute. Vincent and Lisa look pointedly at Donna, who remembers herself and leaves them alone. In fact she goes as far away as earshot. Lisa tries to get out of Vincent why he didn't call. He doesn't really help her out. Lisa stammers over herself that she didn't want to freak him out the other night; she doesn't want a hero, she just wants a friend. Vincent nods. Lisa, flustered, tells him the next move is his and leaves. Vincent lets her go. Donna comes up to the door, "Vincent," she hisses, "Carpe diem!" Vincent tries to shush her but Donna calls Lisa back and tells Vincent between gritted teeth to "just talk to her." Vincent goes out in the hall and tells Lisa he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea either, but he's distracted and doesn't know what he wants right now. "You have a commitment problem," Lisa states. "Well, that too," Vincent admits. Lisa nods and smiles. Vincent tells her that he likes her but he doesn't want her to get hurt, "especially after all [she's] been through." Lisa tells him mildly that she thinks she can take care of herself. Vincent suggests they get some mushy food that weekend and see a quiet movie. Well, not my idea of a party but whatever cuts your crew.

Judge Amy leaves work and is stopped by Lawyer Tom. He tells her not to worry, he's not trying to stop her and that he heard what she said and he respects her integrity. I guess this is an oblique way of telling us she decided not to recuse herself from the case. Judge Amy tells him she thinks she might be an idiot. You know Amy, we all... aw, too easy. Lawyer Tom babbles something about their never finding out what could've been. Then he kisses her. A lot. Right, like his tongue in her mouth isn't going to bias her at all. Some music about "why does my heart feel so bad?" starts and it sounds vaguely familiar, like it was on Ally McBeal or something. Al Green? Whatever, back to the plot. Lawyer Tom says goodbye and Amy gets in her car, looking teary.

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Judging Amy




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