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Shaken, Not Stirred

At Maxine's pet case, the judge says that it was never the point of the court to determine at this juncture whether or not Jodi had been sexually abused, but to determine whether her parents have complied with the court's orders to earn back custody of their child. The court feels they have and that Jodi is free to return to her parents. The judge asks Maxine to arrange to rejoin parents with child not any later than that afternoon. Maxine looks very upset. I just want to note that the judge's name is "Sweeter," which had me running around the house screeching "'Ain't nothin' Jeter, than my man Judge Sweeter!" That's for all the Yankee fans out there. My cats won't come near me now.

More scenes of fireworks in Boston.

Maxine returns Jodi to her parents. In the car, Jodi babbles about learning that her mom's baby is probably a girl and that she's going to learn how to take care of her: diapers, feedings, the whole nine yards. Jodi also says she's going to protect her. This makes Maxine stop short and ask Jodi carefully what her sister would need protection from. Jodi hedges and says, "I don't know, everything." They get out of the car and take Jodi's bags out of the trunk. Maxine gives Jodi her card and tells her to contact her whenever she needs anything, anything. Jodi takes the card and looks at Maxine. Mrs. Pruitt comes out of the house and Jodi runs to her. Maxine looks troubled.

Judge Amy tells the prosecution and defence that she's struggled with the facts of the case because she has a hard time believing that this was a crime an eight-year-old is physically capable of committing. "Yet in the absence of any other evidence or explanation," she continues, "I have no other choice but to take him at his word. Now, given the violent nature of this offence, particularly the degree of force required for an eight-year-old to commit such an act, I cannot adopt defence counsel's argument that Dylan be found guilty of a lesser charge. Therefore, Dylan Shepherd will be committed to DCF with his initial placement at Longlane until such time that he reaches adulthood." Bang goes the gavel. Defence attorney jumps up and says, "Your Honour!" as cuffs are slapped on Dylan (do they really need to cuff an eight-year-old kid?), and the mother shrieks that they can't take Dylan away. Judge Amy whirls on her, "Well, I'm sorry, Mrs. Shepherd." Mrs. Shepherd goes on to say that she thought the case would be thrown out because of Dylan's age. The defence lawyer leans over and attempts to caution her from talking. Mrs. Shepherd ignores him and says she thought Juvenile Court would be sympathetic to an eight-year-old boy. She admits that it was stupid and desperate what she did but she didn't know what to do because Molly wouldn't stop crying. She tried everything but nothing worked and it was too much. Judge Amy looks at her coldly. Mrs. Shepherd goes on that she never meant to hurt Molly, but she did it, she shook her baby to death. Mr. Shepherd looks horrified, Judge Amy looks sadly satisfied, Bruce just looks sadly at Amy. The cuffs are now slapped on Mrs. Shepherd.

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