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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

Amy comes loping down the stairs and into the kitchen, Back at The Ranch, and, mid ice cream, comes face to face with Donna, backed by a very bemused Vincent. Donna nervously asks Amy for her permission to live with Vincent, as though she's asking for Vincent's hand in marriage. Amy is a little shell-shocked by this turn of events, but laughs and tells Donna to do what she wants. I thought we were going to get through an entire episode without some booze, but Maxine takes this moment to pull out the champagne, to toast the fact that Vincent has gotten himself a roommate, and that Amy's verdict has been upheld...Anything for a toast, in this family. The electric bill is here! Let's have a drink to celebrate! The roof is leaking! I'll drink to that! Vincent nicked himself shaving! Put the keg right there in the corner! Not that there's anything wrong with that. Maxine pours them each a large glass of bubbly and Donna gives the world's strangest toast. Nothing I say can describe it in its true glory, but it's a bunch of hooey about choosing families, and how great Amy's family is, and deals that unborn spirits make with the universe and lessons to learn, and, in a nutshell, how hard her family sucks, and how totally Amy's rocks! Maxine looks a little teary, perhaps at the idea that her son is living with a nutball, Amy looks touched, and Vincent...well, he just looks hot.

Next week: Richard Crenna puts the moves on Maxine. Maxine rules DCF with an iron fist. Amy gets a case involving Roofies!

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Judging Amy




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