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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

Vincent's Rancherito. Guess who he's interviewing for the roommate position? Bruce? No. The Rock? Nope. Me? Sadly, no, it's Donna, in a non-twisty plot twist. She explains that her sweetie is "away. All the time," and explains that she's in law school at night, she's quiet, and she'll never steal his food, because she's allergic to everything. She then makes some complimentary noises about the apartment. Vincent tells her that he thinks it could work between them. Donna is pleased, since the apartment is close to work. Vincent, who, I am sorry, looks really good in this episode, asks her where she works. Courthouse!? Amy? Amy! Sister! Sister? Blah blah blah, Judge Gray is my idolcakes. Donna tells Vincent that they need to get Amy's permission to live together, because it could be a "conflict of interest." Vincent, probably thinking that Donna will make a wonderful character in his book, agrees. He's utterly nonplussed about the entire thing. Donna plotzes.

Joaquin is kicking ass in his own defense! The computers were not stolen, there are no criminal charges pending, and therefore, he claims, there is no reason to remand him to Long Lane. The mean lady lawyer who wants to lock him up says that there are other reasons to send him to kiddie jail -- maybe someone can control him there! Joaquin calls Maxine to the stand. She testifies that she believes Joaquin is the smartest person she has ever met, but that he lacks the social skills to thrill as an independent young man. She thinks he ought to be sent to prep school, rather than jail. The judge tells her to make it so. And that's that. Maxine Gray: 23,491, Susie Nixon: 12.

Amy and Bruce are walking out of the courthouse after work. He tells her that Mrs. Noble has been arrested. Amy hopes they "bury her under the jail," and says that in this instance, she's leaving "presumption of innocence to the jury." The pair walks past a newsstand, where Stu Collins is perusing some reading material. He stops Amy. Bruce tries to bail, but she snaps at him not to go away. He manages to slink over to the street corner and pretend he doesn't know her. Stu congratulates Amy; her verdict was upheld. Amy is thrilled, both that she was vindicated, and that she was too wrapped up in her actual job to care. Stu awkwardly asks her out. What is it with guys like this? Men of the world: When we act like we hate you, most of the time, we actually do. Thank you. Love, the Women of North America. Amy shoots him down, and tells him that she doesn't like him, and she's not going to let him "turn her into a girl" after she's bested him professionally and then she really twists the knife in his heart by telling him that she'd rather "lick the floors clean than have one drink" with him. Stu looks stunned. Amy smiles winningly and skips off to Bruce, who congratulates her on the outcome of the appeal. She tells him that Stu asked her out. "And you said no?" Bruce asks, with this rakish smile he's been sporting the last few episodes, a smile of which I wholeheartedly approve. Amy says that she did. "Good," Bruce says. Amy half smiles to herself, They stride off down the street together. A handsome couple, I'm telling you.

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Judging Amy




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