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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

At the Ranch, Lauren is still mad at Amy. Maxine explains this by telling Amy that Lauren takes after her mother: "She clings." Amy denies that she clings. Over in the corner, Vincent hides his head in the newspaper. Amy wonders why she's so worked up over the appeal. Maxine explains that it's because Amy "likes to be right. [She] got it from [her] father." At this, all of North America bursts into hysterical laughter, Amy and Vincent included. Vincent plays with his hair, which is clean, bless the Lord. He's dreamy.

Amy visits Lauren in her room. She wants to know if Lauren is still mad. Man, she's hands-on. My mother used to let me just stew. Amy apologizes for being cranky. Lauren gives her the silent treatment. Amy tells her to "let it go." Lauren tells her that she's not the only person under pressure. Amy tells Lauren that she's right. Oh, to be under the pressure of second grade again. Compared to the stress of Red Rover and spelling bees, all this worrying about paying the rent, and saving for the future is a breeze!

At the hospital, Marcy's doctor tells Amy, Mrs. Noble's counsel and The Rock that Marcy has regained consciousness and seems to be taking a turn for the better. Amy sits down next to the little girl and asks how she's doing. Marcy wants her mother. Marcy tells Amy that when she gets thirsty, her mother brings her bits of ice. She says she can't remember if that happened yesterday or not. Amy says, gently, that they need to know. Marcy asks if they are going to try to take her away from her mother. She starts to cry, and wails that she'll die without her mother. In most instances, this would be affecting, but this little girl is the worst fake crier I have ever seen. Amy explains that she's just trying to help. Marcy tells Amy that she's mean for not allowing her mommy to see her. Everyone looks askance. Amy asks Marcy who told her that she was the one who was keeping her from her mother. Marcy admits that her mother told her the day before, when she gave her ice. "My God," Amy says in unison with the viewing public, "she put the drug in the ice."

As Amy, Mrs. Noble's lawyer, and the Rock leave the hospital, Mrs. Noble's poor nameless lawyer sniffs that a child's memory is unreliable. Amy tells him to save that argument for appeal. As they turn the corner, they run smack into Mrs. "Kevorkian" Noble, who asks to see her child. Amy tells her that she can't, because custody has been removed in light of a criminal investigation. Mrs. Noble can't believe it. Amy tells her to save her histrionics for the cameras, and reminds Mrs. Noble that she's lucky Amy is bound by duty to be objective, or Amy would have gone medieval on her ass.

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Judging Amy




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