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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

Speaking of Maxine, she's in the audience at Joaquin's hearing. The state wants to send him to Long Lane. Maxine thinks Joaquin ought to be returned to his foster home because he wasn't actually running away, he was just dropping by the ol' Toxic Lair to pick up some stuff. The old fusty judge agrees that Joaquin doesn't have to go to the kiddie jail, at least not until they find out if the computers he had in his possession were hot or not. Joaquin announces his plan to act as his own legal counsel. Everyone rolls their eyes, especially DCF's counsel. Maxine looks perturbed. The judge asks Maxine if Joaquin has received any kind of "educational assessment." Like a proud mother, she announces that, indeed, he is a delicate genius. The judge pronounces him a "smart-ass." No one objects.

In the hallway of the Halls of Justice, Wacky Court Clerk Donna peruses the bulletin board. See where this is going, kids? She greets Amy as Amy comes up behind her, telling her that she can recognize her without seeing her, because she's "recognized the cadence of [Amy's] walk. It's very authoritative." Amy looks vaguely skeeved at this and asks Donna what she's up to. You know, if Donna were a man, this would be like, way creepy stalking. Donna then asks Amy if she has any brother or sisters, and takes the opportunity to pour out her heart about her own unfortunate sibling situation. See, Donna lives with her sister who, go figure, doesn't approve of the fact that Donna is married to a man who is incarcerated for killing his own mother -- okay, allegedly -- and then chopping her into little teeny bits. Some people are so close-minded. Amy tells Donna to give her sister some time to deal with the situation. Donna gazes at Amy adoringly and sighs that she wishes Amy was her sister. Amy reprimands her with a sharp "Donna!" Donna quickly apologizes. As I noted on the forums, I'm withholding judgement on Donna. But her quirkiness, I have to admit, is beginning to grow on me. Like fungus.

Vincent interviews another unfortunate potential roommate; she's rude, and a phone sex operator and totally abrasive. Vincent is less than thrilled.

Amy's been called to the hospital, where Mrs. Noble is freaking out because her daughter, she claims, is dying, and she can't see her. That's the whole point of the restraining order, lady. There's pleading and crying, and Amy is informed that Marcy has had a series of seizures despite the fact that Mrs. Noble has had no contact with her, as far as anyone knows. The Rock doesn't believe that Mrs. Noble hasn't been in the room. Mrs. Noble flings herself against the window separating them from her child. She throws herself on Amy's mercy, mother to mother. But Amy is strong. She upholds the restraining order and tells the parties assembled that if Mrs. Noble enters Marcy's room, she is to be arrested. Mrs. Noble weeps and moans and screams personal accusations, as per usual for the Give Me Back My Baby portion of the show. Marcy's doctor looks unabashedly relieved. The Rock and Amy high-five. Well, everything except that last bit.

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Judging Amy




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