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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

Halls of Justice: Mrs. Noble explains that Marcy was premature, and has had health problems ever since. She staunchly asserts that she would never hurt her daughter, and claims that no one has been able to help them to solve Marcy's health problems. Amy looks perturbed. Mrs. Noble testifies that she began to treat Marcy at home, herself, because their insurance was running out, and she had a medical background. Amy tells the State's counsel -- his name, we finally learn, is Plymouth (like the rock) -- that she's being asked to go merely on instinct, that they haven't given her any real evidence. She asks whether The Rock is already laying grounds for an appeal. Bruce turns from his tiny little desk, where he's been playing Minesweeper on his computer, and looks at her like she's flipped. The Rock tells Amy that he's more concerned about the child than he is about the appellate court. Amy reiterates that she, too, is concerned about Marcy. She rules that because Mrs. Noble's influence is the only variable in the entire scenario, Marcy and her mother are to have no contact for one week, so that they can judge the effect the separation has on the child's health. Mrs. Noble fully wigs at this, but come on, how else are they going to prove anything, lady? You had to know this was coming. Mrs. Noble calls Amy a monster. Amy looks upset. Bruce looks sympathetic. I look longingly at the remote.

Maxine and Al the Cop play a return visit to the Toxic Lair, where Joaquin is indeed hiding out. He's looking at the picture of the woman that he kept on the wall. Stupid Al thinks it's his girlfriend, but Maxine knows it's actually his mother. She tells Joaquin to take good care of the photo.

In her chambers, Amy is plowing through a variety of reading material; medical stuff on Munchausen's by Proxy, stuff pertaining to her appeal, yadda. When Bruce casually inquires what she's reading, she gets super-defensive, accusing him of all kinds of things -- thinking that she's too inflexible in the courtroom, for example. Bruce merely chuckles at her altered mental state. Amy expresses concern over the case at hand and insists that she's almost completely forgotten about the appeal. "I can see that," Bruce says sarcastically, but not unkindly, and smiles at her. She almost smiles back. The instant he leaves the room she digs right back into the appeals stuff. Way to be self-involved, Amy. What about this kid whose mother might be trying to kill her? Maybe Maxine is always right, but man, is Amy self-absorbed. They make quite a pair.

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Judging Amy




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