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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

Justice, Halls of. Doctor on stand. Doctor thinks Marcy's illness is mysterious, at best. He testifies that he called DCF because he discovered in a blood test that Marcy had an unusually high dosage of medication running through her system. Mrs. Noble protests that she asked for the blood test. Amy tells her to shut her yap -- well, more or less. The doctor explains that the same medication which is used to stop seizures can also trigger them, if the dosage is high enough. No one has seen Mrs. Noble actually administer the drug, but, as the state's counsel points out, she has every sign of Munchausen's by Proxy: She's a former medical office worker, obsessive about her child's treatment, and she loves publicity. Mrs. Noble, naturally, refutes these accusations, vehemently, but I don't know. I get a bad vibe off this lady. A very bad vibe. Amy asks the doctor how serious the child's condition is and is told that she could die at any moment. Mrs. Noble looks distressed. Amy decides to proceed to trial

Back at the Ranch, Vincent comes stumbling in the kitchen door with an armful of groceries. It's all his perishables, including beer, which Amy, naturally, is thrilled to see. Vincent's roommate has moved out and, uh-oh, taken the refrigerator with him. Vincent comments that this entire turn of events has left him in a bit of a financial pickle. Maxine asks, horrified, whether he's thinking of moving back home. Vincent laughs in her face and demurs. That's my boy. He says he's planning to get a roommate. Amy offers to put a note up at the courthouse for him. Maxine reiterates that he better not even think about moving back to the Ranch. Vincent smirks charmingly and puts a large orange package of processed meat in the fridge. I don't about you, but I wouldn't mind Vincent storing his lunch meat in my ice box anytime he...I'm sorry, I can't even finish that sentence. My mother might be reading this.

Department of Co-Workers, Fraudulent. Susie Nixon gleefully pokes her head into Maxine's cubby and claims that she hates to interrupt. Maxine tells Susie that her expression of "smug superiority is neither seemly nor attractive." Susie counters that she knows, having seen it on Maxine's face. Oooh, moded! Susie snippily informs Maxine that Joaquin has run away. Maxine grabs her purse and stomps out of the office. Out of Maxine's watchful eye, Susie shoots up heroin, kills a kitten and downloads some porn.

Vincent is interviewing a potential roommate, who seems perfect until they get to the door. The Potential Roommate sees a picture of Einstein in a collage on the wall, and asks if he is Vincent's grandfather. Vincent, who, I might add, looks particularly Vincintalious (™ g-girl) in this scene, informs the guy that, no, brainiac, that's Albert Einstein. The picture of Einstein, and the presence of bagels in the kitchen leads the PR to ask Vincent if he is Jewish. Vincent explains that he isn't, but asks if it would be a problem if he were. This, of course leads to some anti-Semitic comments on PR's part, and to Vincent shutting the door right in his face. I love Vincent. I'd live with him if he worshipped Satan.

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Judging Amy




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