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Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent

Halls of Justice: Marcy Noble, age six, has been in and out of hospitals since birth. The state thinks her mother is making her ill on purpose, for the attention -- a condition known as Munchausen's by Proxy. The mother, of course, denies it vehemently. Apparently, Marcy has been having seizures, and they're getting worse and worse. The state ["represented by Richard Brooks -- a.k.a. Paul Robinette from Law & Order back in the day! --- Wing Chun] would like to see Marcy put into protective custody. Amy decides that she would like to speak to the child's doctor.

Maxine drags Joaquin to his new foster home, explaining that his new foster parents are very smart. She wonders how long it's been since he was intellectually challenged. He tells her it was in third grade. He also mentions that he was six years old in third grade. Is he supposed to be smart, or something? I don't get it.

Amy, on the phone at the Ranch, is yammering to Bruce about Stu Collins, and all the insulting things he wrote about her in his motion to appeal. I don't know about Stu's assessment of Amy's judicial skills, but I wonder if he mentioned her hair, because it looks awful in this scene. Amy: Get a defuser and some conditioner! Dude. Lauren loudly dribbles a basketball in the hallway. After she makes kissy noise over the phone to Bruce and hangs up, Amy meanly tells Lauren not to dribble in the house, to do her homework, and to go to bed. Lauren sasses that Amy's cranky, and no fun anymore (since when are mothers fun?) and stomps off, in a snit, to her room. Maxine, ever the sensitive one, asks Amy what's bothering her. Amy tells Maxine about the appeal, and Maxine immediately sympathizes. She tells Amy that she certainly would take it personally, if it were her, "people thinking [she] had a bad decision." Wow, tell me another one Ma! I never would have guessed that! Maxine, nevertheless, very nicely pats Amy on the knee and trys to calm her by saying that it's "water under the bridge." Amy hugs the basketball, looking stricken, and poorly coifed.

Diner. Amy orders a fried egg sandwich on roll to go. She's called over to a table by the door by none other than Stu Collins, the lawyer appealing her case. Stu is played by Reed Diamond, who was in Homicide and a bunch of other things, including the Jessica Lange Hallmark Hall of Fame version of O Pioneers! He was also a One to Watch in Sassy, back when Sassy was good ["He was? I totally don't remember that, and I had every issue of Sassy from its premiere until it was bought by Crap, Inc." -- Wing Chun], and he played Marius in the version of Les Miz that I saw when I was twelve. I sort of thought he was hot. Can you tell? Now I think his eyes are too close together. How'd that happen? Anyhoo, he asks Amy to join him, but she only agrees to sit while she's waiting for her order. He tells her that the appeal isn't personal, and that he hopes they can "maintain a professional friendship." She asks him why, seeing as it's unlikely that they'll meet again. He expresses a desire that they just be friends, period. She totally shuts him down by saying that they didn't like each other in law school, and she sees no reason to start now. She's saved from further discourse, when her order comes up. Stu sees her off with a hearty "may the best man win! So to speak." Amy looks like she's thinking about dumping her coffee in his lap and stalks out. Stu takes a large bite of toast. Hmmmmm, toast.

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Judging Amy




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