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Presumed Innocent

Props to my peeps in the forums! I know y'all are with me in longing for CBS to start showing new episodes, so the recaps aren't as confusing....

Maxine "Meddlin,' Peddlin,' Never Settlin'" Gray hustles up the sidewalk near an abandoned garage. Clearly, the appeal of the never-ending river of booze which flows through the Gray household has worn thin and now her family is sending her out to score some smack to have along with dinner. Or she's meeting a police officer there. Whatever. She chides the cop on his not-at-all stereotypical meal of coffee and a donut. If Maxine disapproves of that on nutritional grounds, I wonder what she'd think of the meal I currently have in front of me -- a bottle of Orange Hooch and a bowl of peanut brittle. I might go into sugar shock, but I need both the sugar and the booze to get through this, kids. I'm doing it for you, damn it. The cop drags a teenaged boy in handcuffs out of the back of the squad car and presents him to Maxine. The kid tells Maxine that his name is "Manuel. Manual Labor." Oy, kids today! I bet the writers howled over that one!

Al the Cop (for that is his name) takes Maxine and Manual into the abandoned building, which apparently wasn't so abandoned a few minutes ago. Manual had been squatting in a back room, which is full of expensive, nifty-looking and possibly stolen computer equipment. Maxine looks around, and suggests they call NASA "to tell them they're missing something." Manual Labor ignores her and stares at a photograph of a pretty young woman posted on the wall. Gee, I wonder if she means something to him?

Halls of Justice. Amy complains to Bruce about how mean Lauren's teacher, Mrs. Schleewee, is. I don't know about you, but I think "Mrs. Schleewee" is one hell of a name. Bruce and Amy exchange your basic Flirtatious Banter, as per usual, but Bruce brings the house down by handing Amy a notice from the appellate court. One of her rulings is being appealed. Amy looks alternately appalled, shocked, and offended. The horror!

Credits. Dingly, dangly theme song. More peanut brittle.

Amy and Bruce take up right where we left off, waltzing into the courtroom. Bruce is trying to reassure Amy that getting appealed is no big deal, that it happens to judges all the time. Amy makes some disparaging remarks about the lawyer behind the appeal, Stu Collins. Bruce basically tells her to chill. She seems to come to her senses, and tells him he's "absolutely right." Bruce smiles and nods, like, no kidding, sweetheart. Amy gets up to go -- why, I don't know, because they just got there -- but then turns and asks who the judge is on the appeal. It's "Action Jackson, a judicial conservative." Amy recommences the wigging, and demands to know what the basis of the appeal is. Bruce, as patient and calm as a saint, tells her that he can get a copy of Stu Collins's brief, but that he "doesn't recommend it." Amy promises that she will not obsess. Bruce tells her to "get out!" and pushes her, à la Elaine Benes. Okay, he just tells her to get out. But Amy interpreted it the same way, because she swears, again, that she will not obsess. Bruce smiles benevolently, and explains that he actually, literally, needs her to leave, so she can enter "with due pomp and circumstance." Amy gives him the eye and tells him that it's "her courtroom." Bruce raises one eyebrow. "Of course it is," he says, "when I say it is," and smiles rakishly as Amy tussles with Donna in awkward attempt to exit the room. Bruce rules.

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Judging Amy




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