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Not With A Whimper

In an exam room, Maxine is all tricked out in a hospital gown, and Vincent lolls on a chair. Amy paces. A doctor bustles in the room and explains that all of Maxine's symptoms -- the forgetfulness and so forth -- stem from her head trauma. She has, in layman's terms, a concussion. And she's going to be fine. Everyone looks relieved, especially Maxine. She bursts into loud, sobby tears, and explains that she thought it was Alzheimer's, which she quantifies as "such an undignified end." She admits that she was afraid. She sobs onto Amy's shoulder that she knows how "valueless weak old women are in this society." Amy tells Maxine that nothing like that is going to happen to her, although I don't know how Amy can know what surprises the future holds for Maxine's health. Vincent cracks that if it did, they'd just make Peter and Gillian take care of her. They all laugh, mostly with relief, and embrace. Tyne Daly was really very good in that scene, as much as it pains me to admit it.

Donna holds the baby in Evie's room, as Evie, who seems to have gotten her pre-pregnancy figure back with alarming speed, pats the child's head. I can't believe she's already out of bed, and dressed. I'm pretty sure you sleep for as long as you can after giving birth, and judging from everyone's outfits, this is the same day. Vincent lopes in and asks Evie what she's going to do, about the baby. Evie says, "it's hard," and takes the baby from Donna. She starts to cry, and says that she "can't believe [she] grew" such a beautiful baby. She knows it wouldn't be fair to keep the baby, but she doesn't know how to say goodbye. Right after this statement, however, she hands the baby to Vincent, says she has to go, and bails.

Peter and Gillian enter that room that the hospital keeps all the babies in (this is the second episode in which that room has played a part and I still don't know if it has a real name), and meet their son. Peter doesn't seem to care as much about the color of his baby's skin now that he has him in his arms. Gillian cries a little bit, with happiness. Peter looks down at her, a little choked up himself. I get a little weepy too, but I blame the wine.

Back at the ranch, Amy bathes Lauren, and tells her that they've named the baby after his grandfather, Edward Matthew Gray. She promises Lauren that they can go see the baby before school the next day. Amy hauls Lauren out of her bath, and wraps a towel around her and dries her off. Amy tells Lauren that the divorce is final, but Lauren doesn't really get it, because she was under the impression that it was final a long time ago. Amy explains that now it's just officially official. Lauren, totally blasé, asks if she can watch TV before bed. As she runs off, Simon and Garfunkel's "Bookends" tinkles over the soundtrack. I believe it's the law that every family drama employ that song once a year, at the least. ["ER's already busted it out like three times this season." -- Wing Chun] Amy looks pensively at the bath water. Simon and Garfunkel tell her to "preserve [her] memories/they're all that's left [her]."

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Judging Amy




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