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Not With A Whimper

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Not With A Whimper

At DCF, things happen with the stowaway's mother. Basically, this plot line serves no purpose other than to show us that Maxine is having problems remembering things. So, there you go. All caught up on the Maxine Is Losing Her Mind subplot.

At the Halls of Justice, FMT reads her book report on Eleanor Roosevelt. It includes the gem "Eleanor Roosevelt was really smart. And it was a good thing, too, because she was way ugly." You know the writers thought this was hysterical. I bet they laughed and laughed over it, while they all sat around their conference table and congratulated themselves for crafting CBS's number one drama, and then sent the poor kid who's slaving as their assistant out to get them all ice-blendeds. FMT continues to read what is so not the five-page paper Amy asked her to write. Maybe she used a really big font. No matter, though. Amy praises the hot little tamale and tells her that she can go home with her father. FMT, however, will have none of it. She wants to live with her boyfriend! Amy rolls her eyes and says that she "can't place a fifteen-year-old in the custody of her boyfriend." If FMT is fifteen, I'm in diapers. Suspension of disbelief, I know, but come on, people. They argue. Amy quotes Eleanor Roosevelt again. FMT says, "screw Eleanor Roosevelt." Yadda yadda yadda, Amy's decision stands. Kids today! My word!

Evie's all hooked up at the hospital. Donna's feeding her ice chips. Vincent puts socks on her "freezing" feet. He's such a nice boy. Gillian and Peter come bursting through the door, and yammer about how they thought they were going to miss it, and how good Evie looks and so forth. Vincent smiles his sleepy, half-smile and says that Evie's been a real trooper. Vincent is the nicest man in the world. I raise my wine mug to him. Evie doesn't say anything. Vincent tells her that she's in good hands, and that he's going to go home and get some sleep. Evie grabs him and says that Peter and Gillian are making her nervous and that he can't leave her. She can't have them in there with her. It doesn't have anything to do with the baby, but she just can't handle it. Vincent and Donna exchange concerned looks. I have to say, Gillian and Peter would make me nervous, too. Mostly because I hate Peter.

Out in the hallway, Peter gets all bitchy and can't believe that Evie won't let them in the room. They had it in writing! Gillian, who I wish would leave Peter's uptight and whiny ass, tells him to chill, seeing as it's "her baby, until she gives him to us." She pushes him towards the cafeteria. Vincent sighs. I bet Gillian wishes she'd married him. Who in their right mind would marry Peter, anyway? Peter sucks.

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Judging Amy




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