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Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experience

Vincent is in his apartment, staring balefully out the window, and then mournfully at the ground. It's called Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, sweetie, and some Xanax might help. It would certainly help me, right now. He limps to answer the door -- it's a detective, who needs Vincent to come down to the police station to view a line-up. Vincent demurs slightly, but agrees.

Maxine outlines the details of the Fourth-Dimensional Family to SBW. They both cackle about the crazy Roswellian theories of the family in question. SBW tells Maxine that the police called to speak to Susie about the fact that Maxine has been using her connections to speed Vincent's case along. They're not pleased. SBW tells Maxine that she is darn lucky Susie wasn't around to take the call. SBW then kindly tells Maxine she probably ought to watch her back when it comes to Susie, and then informs Maxine that she isn't doing this for Vincent at all, that's she doing to all to make herself feel better. See, I told you we'd like her! Telling Maxine off, of course, licks the postage stamp on her one way ticket to Tertiary-Character Siberia. She wisely advises Maxine to let herself have a breakdown over the entire situation.

In the Chetwind case, Jennifer's younger brother makes a three-hanky statement about missing his big sister. I don't know where they find the child actors for this show, but they're generally so cute, it's painful. I get weepy when the boy says that he misses his sister, and so does Amy. Cutting a little too close to home, methinks.

Amy, in chambers, rails to Bruce about how sick she is of hearing the same excuses -- no family, no structure, no role models. Bruce wonders if she's like to recuse herself. "No," saith Amy, "just because I'm in there, wanting to rip that guy's head off, doesn't mean I can't be impartial." Amy explains that if she recuses herself, she'll look too soft in the eyes of her colleagues. Bruce makes the excellent point that having a family member recently on the receiving end of a bullet is not a "soft" excuse. Amy gets weepy and defensive, but asserts that she can handle it. Bruce suggests that maybe she'll feel better after they hear from the defense. Amy starts to cry. Bruce looks very sympathetic and calls a twenty-minute recess. Damn, I love me some Bruce Van Exel. He's so strong, yet silent. Manly, yet secretly sensitive. Mysterious, yet straightforward.

Vincent runs into The (Future) Girlfriend on his way into see the line-up. They fully check each other out, and stare, longingly, at one another as they're each led in opposite directions.

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Judging Amy




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