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Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experience

At the Halls of Justice, Bruce solicitously asks after Vincent's health and tells Amy that they've got the "sentencing hearing in the Robert Chetwind case" on the docket. She seems a bit wary of taking that particular case on in light of Vincent's recent injuries, but doesn't want to reschedule. Think the Robert Chetwind case has anything to do with someone getting shot? I wonder. Bruce has more lines in that one scene than he did in the last episode as a whole.

At DCF, Maxine is told by this Episode's requisite Sassy Black Woman -- a fellow employee that we've never seen and, knowing the way this show deals with Sassy Black Women, we will probably like very much and never see again -- that Susie Nixon is out (this is prior to Susie's arrest at Maxine's hands, remember? Because this is a rerun). Maxine's case of the day involves a child whose grandmother claims is being emotionally abused. She makes some snide anti-mother-in-law commentary and finally gets around to telling SBW that her son was shot yesterday. SBW makes the appropriate sympathetic noises and asks Maxine if she wants to go home. Maxine doesn't, because, she says, if she does, she'll "start to think terrible things, like how hard is it to hire a hit man, and do they take credit cards?" Hee hee. I've never thought that. Nope, not even when a personage who shall remain nameless, but who works in my office, decided I was his secretary, even though I don't even work in the same department as he does and, in fact, have an entirely different set of responsibilities which are utterly unsecretary in nature. No, not even then. Maxine explains that she thinks Vincent is taking the whole getting shot thing the best among everyone in the family. "Why does God allow children to be smarter than their parents?" she asks. I don't know, Maxine, but I've wondered that numerous times, myself, generally after conversations with my own mother. (Mom, if you're reading, I'm totally kidding. Can I have a hundred bucks? Thanks. And this Hooch I keep mentioning? Not alcoholic at all. In fact, I'm drinking milk).

Halls of Justice. Chetwind case. A quick rundown: Robert Chetwind, juvenile, was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of one Jennifer Marquadt, the victim of a gang-related drive-by shooting. The prosecutor wants Chetwind sentenced to ten years in state prison; the defense wants him committed to DCF for four years. Okay, I really don't get this family court thing. Is it both civil and criminal? It must be. Why is Amy in charge of sentencing if she didn't preside over the trial? Is that normal? As Chetwind is brought into the courtroom, the parents of the murdered girl start screaming that he's a murderer, and that he killed their baby, and whatnot. Amy looks thoughtful. I wonder if she's thinking about Vincent, and her own family member's brush with Cruel, Cruel Death.

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Judging Amy




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