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Human Touch

Maxine marches into Susie's office and tells her that Susie can either resign, or Maxine can take "this upstairs." Susie gets all self-righteous and asks if Maxine really wants her to quit, just because some good people got some extra money. She clearly doesn't know that Nancy Drew and the Gang have been on the case. Maxine opens her Can of DCF Whoop-Ass and tells Susie that she wants her to resign because she's "been STEALING from CHILDREN." Susie snaps that she did it FOR children and launches into some crazy rigmarole about how she was skimming money off the top to cover parents and children who fell through the cracks, and she's not sorry for that. Neither Maxine nor I buy that, and Maxine informs Susie that, while the system isn't perfect, that doesn't excuse criminal activity. Susie tells Maxine that all she got out of it was a couple thou. Maxine, rightly, calls Susie an idiot for ruining her career over such a small payoff. Susie starts whining about taking the bus, and not eating lunch, and student loans and blah blah blah poorcakes. Maxine will have none of it, and snips that while she knows "what it's like to need money," (especially with a freeloading judge of a daughter), that it doesn't give her a license to steal it. Susie accuses Maxine of having been out to get her since the beginning (no, just since you told her she wasn't always right, Susie). Maxine says that Susie made it clear that it was "all about [Susie]," and that she clearly didn't care about children at all. Having delivered her smackdown, Maxine turns to leave, but Susie has suddenly morphed into a villain in a Scooby Doo cartoon and tells Maxine that the "people upstairs" will never believe it, that she's well liked, that Maxine will never get away with pinning this on her! Maxine walks out right in the middle of Susie's "I Would Have Gotten Away With It, Too, If It Weren't For You Stupid Kids" speech. Ah, Susie, time to pack up your desk. Did you really think you had a chance against Maxine? She never loses.

Halls of Justice. Everyone's waiting for the Croatian Tearjerker Case to reconvene, but the Filipoviches aren't there. Bruce finally gets a couple of words -- "It's five o'clock. What do you want to do?" Amy says she wants to get Goran home for the weekend. "Then we stay," Bruce says. Thank you, Bruce Van Exel! Twelve entire words! Go back to your tiny desk now and twiddle your thumbs in silence some more. As the clock ticks on 5 PM exactly, Ian starts packing up his little court reporter typewriter. Amy tells him that they're staying late. He says he's not. She says he is. He says he's not. She says he is. He tells her to take it up with his supervisor. Amy then takes a page from the Maxine Gray Handbook of Office Politics and asks Ian what the hell is wrong with him: "These people have endured wars! They've seen members of their families tortured, and killed!...I don't care about your plans, or your union! Sit down!" Good for you, Amy. In her corner, Donna does the "yes!" arm pump, pleased to see her idol besting her arch nemesis. Bruce totally cracks up over at his tiny little desk. DCF and the Filipoviches finally arrive; DCF has gotten the family an apartment. One of DCF's representatives bitches that she still thinks they're going to have to go through this entire thing again in a month. Amy gives her an utterly dismissive "whatever" look and sends Goran home with his parents. The Filipoviches cry and embrace en masse. Bruce looks very, very proud. He and Amy smile at one another. Damn it, give that man some lines, because he's acting the hell out of this scene and he doesn't even get to open his mouth.

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