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Human Touch

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Human Touch

Outside, it's still raining. Maxine comes trotting into someone's backyard -- the yard of someone, I'll wager, who needs her help. Indeed, another one of CBS's cadre of Sassy Black Women is yelling at a young boy on the roof of the porch, asking him not to jump. Don't worry, it's not suicide. The kid tells the SBW not to worry, because he has a parachute -- which he does, rather nicely made out of a tablecloth. He inches toward the edge of the roof as both Maxine and the SBW holler at him. He halts for a sec, as a man pops his head out of a window. Maxine has a brilliant idea -- what a shocking surprise, except for the "shocking" part, and the "surprise" part, and the brilliant part -- and tells the kid that if he's going to jump, he might as well do it right. She advises him to back up, so he can get a running start. The kid does so -- and the man in the window grabs the mischievous scamp and pulls him inside. Everyone shares a good, nervous titter. Ah, kids. What a HIGHlarious joy they are. SBW tells Maxine that she and her hubby need a vacation. Not that they don't adore Kevin, but...Maxine interrupts to tell them that DCF has approved SBW's sister to take care of Kevin so that the two of them can go to Orlando for their twentieth wedding anniversary. SBW and Hubby are thrilled, but they ask Maxine how it's going to work in terms of their compensation as foster parents. Not that they care for themselves, of course. See, they promised SBW's sister that they'd make sure she got paid to watch The Kid. Maxine says she'll work it out with DCF one way or another and tells them to have a good time. Ah, I liked SBW and Hubby. So, naturally, we'll probably never see them ever again.

Halls of Justice. Brody is on the stand, explaining what it's like to have OCD. The Cliffs Notes version? It sucks. Because this is not Ally McBeal, no one says anything mean about Brody's condition, and everyone, from Amy to Donna to Stepfather Capono looks truly sorry for the guy. Brody says that he's much better than he used to be, and that he's tried very hard to remain part of his daughter's life, talking to her teachers and doctors, and talking to her all the time over the phone. Brody says that he missed "hugging [his daughter]" and thanks Capono for doing everything he wishes he could have done for Carolyn. He tears up and says he's overcome so much adversity, and now he just wants to be able to tuck his little girl into bed. Amy looks like she's going to cry.

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Judging Amy




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