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Gray vs. Gray

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Gray vs. Gray

Oh my God, can we get this over with? Defense is questioning Joe the Witness again. They ask if he's ever met Letterman Jacket before. Of course, Joseph takes this moment to die. How not surprising or creative or fresh. Also stale and overdone is the use of slow motion as Chip and the nurses try to revive the kid, and Maxine and Amy and the rest of the Posse look on. This is not ER, folks. It's not even Qunicy. Joe the Witness dies. I so don't care.

Maxine corners Amy and tells her that they need to talk.

In the Hospital Halls of Makeshift Justice, Maxine tells the Justice Posse that Joseph told her, prior to his death, that he did in fact sell drugs to Letterman Jacket, and that he knew the exact time because Letterman Jacket interrupted a basketball game. A police officer has corroborated Joseph's statement by confirming a report of suspected drug activity at the time and place Joseph named. Amy lets Letterman Jacket go free, and thanks her mother for her help.

Amy and Maxine watch the sheet-covered body of Joseph go down the hall to the morgue together. Cheery!

Back at the Ranch, mother and daughter reconvene for that midnight snack. They don't say much, they just shovel in the ice cream. Hmmmmmm, ice cream.

Next week, good Lord! Maxine bumps her head and thinks there might be something wrong with her brain. Amy and Michael hook up for one last shag, celebrating the official end of their marriage.

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Judging Amy




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