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Gray vs. Gray

The Justice Posse is questioning Joe the Witness on videotape. He claims he's never seen Letterman Jacket before in his life. Letterman Jacket says he's lying, and yells at him to tell the truth. This prompts a wheezing fit from Witness Joe and a mass exodus by the Justice Posse.

In a break room at the hospital, Defense asserts that Joe is "plainly lying," because he's afraid of incriminating himself. Defense astutely points out that while the Justice Posse knows that Joe is on his last legs, Joe himself may not.

Maxine, miraculously and unexplainably out of jail, tells the Posse that Joe does not, in fact, know the seriousness of his illness, and that she's not going to tell him and that they can't make her. Maxine waxes poetic about the fact that while we all know we're going to die, the blessing in life is not knowing when, because it gives us hope for the future. Dude, now I'm depressed. Maxine staunchly refuses to take Joseph's hope away. Amy snips that hope or no hope, Joe can't find that hope based on lies, and that he certainly can't find hope at someone else's expense. She stands up and stalks out of the makeshift courtroom. Letterman Jacket stares pleadingly at Maxine.

Amy, stamping her way through the hospital, finds herself in front of the maternity ward, right by that wall of windows, where you can stand and look at all the sweet little babies. She bursts into tears. Being a heartless judge is so darned hard on a girl!

Chip is checking on his patient; Joseph is OK, but he needs to eat. Maxine tells him to chow down. Joseph says that Maxine never gives up, and asks, point blank, if he's dying. He tells her angrily, when she tries to dance around the subject, that no one will give him a straight answer, or look right at him. He repeats the question. He asserts that he has a right to know, as, I think, he does. Maxine explains the situation with his heart. She explains that he needs a heart donor, but that it's really touch and go. He gives the It Isn't Fair, I'm Too Young To Die! Speech and starts to sob in Maxine's arms. It's sad. I just wish the writers hadn't made him wail "whhhhhhhhhy?" in the midst of it all.

Vincent and Donna return to the Rancherito. Donna wonders if she's a bad person. Vincent climbs over the pile of junk to make dinner and ends up falling into the fridge. Donna doesn't notice his howls of pain, though, because she's rhapsodizing about how, when she meet Cooper, she found herself imagining what it would be like "to feel his weight pressing on me. To feel his flesh touching mine." Vincent complains because she's unplugged the fridge and everything is ruined. Donna continues her litany of sins. "Somebody kill me," Vincent and I say in unison. Donna flings herself on the floor and moans that she's "evil!" She rolls around, wailing that God is punishing her, and that her evilness is the reason Oscar's petition was denied. Vincent tells her to get ahold of herself, that she's human, not evil. He explains to her that it's normal to be attracted to other people, even when you're in a relationship, that it's "just the way we're wired." He assures her that the important thing is that "you don't act on those feelings." Donna thinks about it for a while, and asks Vincent if he's ever had "those feelings." He laughs and says that of course he has, but that he handled them by "acting on them," which he doesn't advise. He explains that he was in a "lousy relationship, not like the one you have with Oscar." Vincent tells Donna that she and Oscar have a very strong relationship, that they're in love, that he's a little envious of it. Donna's touched and surprised. She muses that "no one's ever envied [her] before, not for anything. It's humbling." Vincent grins sheepishly. Donna thanks him sincerely, and looks at him with an odd glint in her eye. "You're going to hug me now, aren't you?" Vincent asks. She nods. "Please don't," he groans. But she envelops him in a massive embrace. Vincent kind of smiles in spite of himself and pats her on the back.

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Judging Amy




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