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Gray vs. Gray

At the hospital, Chip tells Maxine that Joe the Witness has "cardio myopathy," which is a disease of the heart muscles. In layman's terms, he needs a new heart. Pronto. Like within the next few hours. Chip tells Maxine to pray for a donor, and that he hasn't told Joseph anything. He informs Maxine that, because she's Joseph's guardian, he'll only know as much as she wants him to know. Maxine borrows Vincent's look of Great Pensiveness.

Halls of Justice. Amy asks Letterman Jacket if he understands the sitch with Joe the Witness. She wants him to swear the Joe can confirm his alibi, which he does. Amy tells the court that while generally she wouldn't want to jeopardize Joe's recovery, in this case his statement is needed to clear Letterman Jacket's name, and they need to get that statement as soon as possible. Because they cannot bring Joseph to court, they all pile in the Justice Bus to bring the court to Joseph.

Maxine sits next to Joe the Witness's hospital bed. He's all tubed-up, but awake. Maxine lies to him and says that all she knows about his condition is that more tests are needed. She tells him to sleep, and that she'll be right outside. As she's leaving, Joe calls her back to tell her that he'd like to go to rehab and "get straight" when he gets out of the hospital. Maxine pronounces that an excellent idea. Poor Joseph. Maxine beats a hasty exit and leans against the wall outside Joe's room. She does the pensive thing again.

Meanwhile, Amy and her Justice Posse have arrived at the hospital, where they are greeted by the plainclothesman that Maxine booted from the premises. He leads them towards Joseph's room, explaining that they still have "a bit of a situation" with the social worker. Amy gets bitchy and says that she'll explain the situation to the troublesome woman, and that, because Amy is "the judge," the social worker will "have to listen." As Amy stalks into the ICU, she demands to know the whereabouts of "the obstinate social worker I've heard so much about." From behind Amy's back, Maxine pipes up, "I guess that would be me." Cue dramatic music of familial tension, mixed with wacky jangling of semi-humorous coninkidinks.

Why isn't this episode over yet?

Hey, I just noticed that there aren't any blipverts in this episode yet. I wonder why. Maybe they ran out of black and white film. Amy apologizes to Maxine for calling her obstinate, but Maxine agrees that the name fits. They have a wee chuckle over the crazy unlikihood of being assigned to the same case, before Maxine gets down to business and informs Amy that none of them can see Joe the Witness, due to his fragile health. Amy tells Maxine that she'd like to wait for Joseph to feel better, but that they all know that isn't going to happen. So, they have to speak to him. Maxine suggests that Amy recuse herself. She refuses. They argue. It's boring. Amy says she get a subpoena. Maxine says she'll go over Amy's head to have it "quashed." Amy stamps her foot and says they are going to talk to the witness and they're going to do it NOW. Maxine snaps, "Amy, I forbid it!" Amy turns slowly and spits, "It's not Amy, it's Judge Gray." She is sooooo grounded.

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Judging Amy




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