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Gray vs. Gray

Defense runs right to Amy, complaining that his men haven't been able to get a statement out of Joe the Witness, and he's worried that the kid is going to buy the farm before he can extricate Letterman Jacket from this little mess he's gotten himself into. Defense begs Amy to allow them to videotape Witness Joe's statement. She wonders why they couldn't just talk to him when he got out of surgery to begin with. Defense tells her that they couldn't get by a "very obstinate social worker." Amy, who's struggling to open a candy wrapper, can't understand why a social worker was involved at all. Why doncha call your mom and ask her, Amy? Oh, forget it, you'll be seeing her soon enough, anyway.

Donna, still at the newspaper office, is sitting, dazed, on a bench outside the newsroom. Vincent comes loping towards her, looking like a kid at a junior high school dance in his untucked dress shirt and tie. He asks why she wanted to see him in the first place and she kinds of tosses a sheaf of paint chips at him. She explains that while she was cleaning the walls in the apartment, um, some of the paint came off along with the dirt. Vincent, the most good-natured man in the universe, sits down next to her to pick a new color. Donna, still talking robotically, mentions that she met Lyle Cooper. "He's very charismatic," she moans. Vincent grunts in disbelief. "And funny," Donna continues. Vincent looks up from the paint chips. "Lyle COOPER?" he barks. "Did he say something to you?" Vincent's acting like he's ready to go inside and kick Cooper's ass if need be. I think he feels a little protective of Donna. It's cute. Anyhoo, Donna explains that she had to leave the room because her flesh is weak. She grabs Vincent's arm and confesses that she has "harboring impure thoughts." Vincent throws her arm off and grimaces, and tells her that he doesn't need to know this. Word, Vince. None of us do.

Donna begs him not to leave, because she needs to confess. "To me?" Vincent asks. Well, the protective thing is over and he's back to wondering about the number of the men in the white coats again, methinks. Donna explains that she needs to confess to Oscar, but she begs Vincent to go with her. Vincent really, really, really does not want to go with Donna to the prison to tell her incarcerated spouse that her flesh is weak. He tries to race back into the newsroom, but Donna grabs his tie and pulls him back toward her, protesting that it's a very short trip. Vincent asks why Oscar needs to know anything, seeing as, you know, nothing happened. Donna squeals that they "took vows!" And that marriage is based on communication, which means "no secrets." Whatever. Vincent advises her to "go home. What Oscar doesn't know, can't hurt him." He gives Donna back the paint chips. She mournfully tells him that she picked up the floppy disks he wanted, and that when she's done painting, she's going to reorganize his computer files. At this, Vincent dashes out of the newsroom and chases after Donna, telling her to stay away from his computer. Hmmm, I think that was our little Donna's way of getting Vincent to come with her to the prison. Because it's not okay to think some random stranger is hot, but it is okay to blackmail your roommate.

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Judging Amy




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