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Gray vs. Gray

I wonder what's on the Discovery channel right now?

Oh. My. God. Letterman Jacket's alibi-providing witness is none other than Joseph Dutton. What are the odds, I ask you? Defense informs Amy that the witness fell down a fire escape as he attempted to evade police and defense's investigators. Defense exposits that Dutton's condition is way serious; his heart stopped and he would have died if the police officers present hadn't performed CPR. Defense wants to videotape Dutton's testimony at the hospital as soon as the kid gets out of surgery. Amy tells Defense not to jump the gun, because they don't want to compromise the kid's recovery. She leans against her desk and suggests they see how the surgery goes. Defense and DA toddle out of chambers, and Bruce gets his one line of the episode: "It's your mother," he says, and hand the phone to Amy. Neither Amy nor Maxine can make lunch. They make an appointment to meet for a midnight ice cream snack, and chuckle as they hang up their respective telephones, never guessing that in a few short minutes, they'll find themselves on opposite sides of the law! Sorta.

Maxine scampers from the phone in the hallway of the hospital to meet Joseph's doctor, Dr. Baker. Hee hee, I have no idea if that was inside joke, but I thought it was funny. See, Dr. Baker is played by Broadway actor (and, sadly, also the man behind the voice of Howard in Howard the Duck) Chip Zien, who starred in the Sondheim musical Into the Woods. His part? The Baker. And now that I've revealed what a complete dork I am, I'm going to complete my dorkification by telling y'all that about seven years ago, the musical Falsettos was playing in Los Angeles. I, at the same time, was performing in a college production of Into the Woods. Zien, at the time, was with the touring company for Falsettos. So a bunch of my equally dorky friends and I went to a performance (which was fantastic) and waited backstage to meet him. He was astoundingly nice. He talked to all of us for about 20 minutes, and introduced us to everyone else in the cast, autographed all our programs, and basically was a complete and total pleasure. So, I'm glad Chip is paying the rent. He tells Maxine that Joe the Witness survived the surgery, but his heart stopped on the table, which is a very bad sign for a person of his age and apparent good health. Chip is going to run some tests. Maxine is in the midst of giving her permission to stick the kid full of needles when a plainclothes police officer arrives to ask Joe the Witness "some questions." In light of the fact that the officer doesn't have a court order or a summons (d'oh!), Maxine demands that the officer leave Joseph alone. She tells him to leave. Chip gives him a "you heard the lady" look and they both watch as the police officer leaves empty-handed. As soon as he's gone, they chest-bump in celebration of their victory over The Man. See, I'm lying again.

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Judging Amy




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