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Gray vs. Gray

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Gray vs. Gray

Amy is interrupted in the midst of some other boring case and told that Letterman Jacket's alibi has been taken to the hospital, that "he's dying." Do you think it could be...? Nah, that would be such a crazy coincidence!

Okey-day, I just took a quick break to watch the end of Star Wars on channel five. If there is a woman of my generation who was not, at some point in her youth, madly in love with Harrison Ford as Han Solo, I, for one, would be very surprised. He, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and, OK, I admit it freely, Michael J. Fox as both Alex P. Keaton and Marty McFly comprised the ultimate hottie triumvirate of my youth, circa 1985-1988.

Oh God, here we go again. Vincent slouches in his chair at his very messy desk in the newsroom. He's doing a phone interview on "waste management." I wonder if he's talking to Tony Soprano. Donna scampers into the frame and cuddles right up to his ear before she realizes that he's on the phone. As she waits for Vincent to wrap up his riveting chat with Hollywood's Hottest Godfather, another journalist, whom she claims to recognize, waylays her. He explains that she recognizes him because he's Leonardo di Caprio. He so is not, although I suspect you didn't need me to tell you that. I mean, Leo's career has kind of taken a dive of late, but he's not yet reduced to guest shots on CBS dramas. Donna plays along for a bit (and she's lost the tube sock get-up, thank God), but sees his picture in a copy of the newspaper on Vincent's desk, and identifies Leonardo di NOTrio as "Lyle Cooper," an award-winning columnist. She plops down on Lyle's desktop and cozies up to him. Flirt, flirt, flirt, attraction, attraction, attraction. There's this crazy Love Story-esque piano music tinkling in the background as Donna informs Lyle that she and Vince are "very, very platonic." Lyle and Donna gaze longingly into each other's eyes. The piano gets louder. Have we fallen into an episode of All My Children? And, if so, where's that kicky dame, Erika Kane? Suddenly Donna says, robotically, that "this. Is. Wrong. I. Need. To. Step. Outside." She runs past Vincent, who is frantically paging through a legal pad, and out the door. Lyle "I Love it!" Cooper smiles, self-satisfied and a little intrigued. Who was that winningly quirky gal, he wonders? And how can she live everyday with that rumpled charmer, Vincent Gray, without falling deeply in love with his self-deprecating charm and rakish, sideways grin?

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Judging Amy




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