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Gray vs. Gray

Vincent starts clambering over the sofa to get to the rest of his apartment, but his writerly curiosity gets the better of him and he inquires after the cause of Donna's nerves. Donna squeaks that Oscar's attorneys are trying to get Oscar's murder conviction overturned because they think one of the prosecution witnesses "lied under oath" (I wonder if it was the Girlfriend. She does that!). Donna squawks that Oscar could get out of The Big House at any time. Vincent's clearly thought-out and articulate response to this possibly life-altering news is "wow."

Over at Embezzler Central (AKA DCF)...you know, this is such a boring subplot. I can barely bring myself to type the words. It's not even worth it. Next season, can Maxine quit DCF and join a super-secret squad of crime-fighting senior citizens? Because this child welfare thing is getting so old. Anyway, there's a new supervisor in town, a boring tight ass named Mr. Potter, and if only this was Joey Potter's drug dealing Dad, and one of Maxine's assignments was to drive to Capeside and investigate the custody arrangements in that neck of the words, then, maybe then, I would have something to say about Mr. Potter. But I don't. He's blandly good-looking, and he uses lots of statistics and, gasp, e-mail, and he's like a cross between Wesley on Angel and...some other boring guy, and I don't care. He won't last long with Maxine. She eats supervisors for lunch. Supervisors and cake.

Halls of Justice. Amy and Bruce have entered a charity dance competition and are practicing the Lambada in her office. It's steamy! Oh, wait, that's just Amy's little daydream. Letterman Jacket's lawyer has produced a witness who can provide his client with an alibi for the time of the murder. He didn't want to bring it up before now, because the witness is Letterman Jacket's drug dealer. And, see, that looks bad. But not as bad as those orange jumpsuits the state prison doles out. Amy grants permission for the Defense to depose the witness, and asks that he be present the next time they convene. She returns to The Forbidden Dance.

>I barely even hear what Maxine and Mr. Potter say to each other. It's like they're both teachers from Charlie Brown. All I hear is "wah wah, wah wah wah wah." Potter asks if Maxine remembers a "Joseph Dutton." She reminisces that "he offered [her] a joint once. He was worried that [she] was stressed...he was seven." Oh, what a little sweetheart! Wah wah wah, Dutton's heading into surgery and has named Maxine as his next of kin wah wah wah Snoopycakes. She scampers down to the hospital to see if he has any more weed.

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Judging Amy




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