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Culture Clash

Nazi case. Kids have been kidnapped; Dad has called the police to let them know that the kids are okay, and loving the Fatherland. The police call the courtroom to tell Amy and all assembled the bad news Bruce makes the Patented Bruce Van Exel Smirk of Great Concern, and Amy rules that the Nazi is in for a world of hurt. And that's all we hear about this case. Let's raise a glass to loose ends, people.

Maxine meets the al Jamals. She tells them that Ayesha will not be released to her parents until DCF is sure she is not in danger. Blah, blah, blah "in my country," "in this country," "I speak for the family, my wife does not!," "woman, come with me," "you want to talk to me, come to my house," "I'll see you there, Mr. al Jamal." What. Ev. Er.

Judicial Conduct. Nobody has suddenly started to care, have they? Excellent. So, the case is pretty weak, and the council recesses. Behind closed doors, an old coot on the council wonders why they're all wasting their time, seeing as, and I quote (because to miss the beauty and grandeur of his speech would be to miss the true glory of judicial rhetoric), "we all know MacNeil's a pansy! Do you really believe he asked this bimbo to give him a helmet scrub?" Oh, man, that's the art of the spoken word. Anyhoo, turns out the mysterious sexual allegations in MacNeil's past were homosexual in nature, although he was exonerated in this case. Much conversation regarding the likelihood of the case having actual merit, seeing as MacNeil is more than likely, as the old coot puts it, "a Homo Sex-you-all," commences.

Maxine visits the al Jamals in their home. Mr. al Jamal tells her that the Yemenites are big on virginity before marriage, for women, and that if a woman does engage in premarital sex, the entire family is considered tainted and she and her sisters are all considered unmarriageable. He explains that the only way to erase such shame is by killing the girl. Mr. Al Jamal tells Maxine, however, that when he saw Ayesha in the hospital, he realized that no amount of honor is worth the life of a child. He says that Ayesha hurt herself in order to protect the rest of the family. Maxine asks if she can speak to Mrs. al Jamal, but Mr. al Jamal says that his wife does not speak English. Maxine raises her eyebrow and says that she thinks Mrs. al Jamal gets the gist. Mr. al Jamal repeats that women in the Yemenite community do not speak for the family. Maxine firmly tells Mr. al Jamal that she has been respectful of his culture's traditions, and she would like him to give her the same respect, and allow her to speak to his wife. She addresses Mrs. al Jamal, and does the whole "mother to mother" thing, telling her that Ayesha will not come home until Maxine understands the truth. Much Yemenese between the al Jamals. Mr. al Jamal tells Maxine that he thinks she's "said enough." Maxine agrees, and takes her leave. I run outside and pour gasoline on my lawn, spelling out the word "WHATEVER." Then I light it on fire and roast marshmallows in the flame of my derision. Mmmmmm, marshmallows.

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