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Culture Clash

In the living room, Gillian and Peter have asked Maxine if Evie, the woman who is carrying their baby, can stay at the Ranch for a little while; she'd stay with Peter and Gillian, expect for the fact that they're remodeling and blah, blah blah, Maxine can never say no to her children.

At the whole Judicial conduct meeting -- oh, honestly, does anyone care about this plot line? Well, I don't, and I'm writing this, so let's just say that this hooker alleges that the judge tossed her in jail, because she wouldn't, ahem, orally pleasure him in his office. Amy looks perturbed. She's probably thinking that's she'd like to get some oral -- never mind.

Back at the Ranch, Peter and Gillian get Evie settled in the guest room. Evie is a demanding and ungrateful houseguest, and Peter lets her walk all over everybody. That's all that happens. That's it. There's talking and whatnot, but it's all just so much noise.

So, Amy gives the Ex In-Laws a big fat coffee table book about the Pre-Raphealites when they arrive at the Ranch to pick up Lauren for the weekend. It's awkward, especially when Amy takes it upon herself to "explain what happened" with their son. Ex FIL tells Amy that "it's none of [his] business" what happened, and tries to change the subject by asking if Lauren likes Chinese food. Amy tries to bring the conversation back to her, but no go, as the Ex In-Laws begin to squabble about the correct wording of a cliché spouted by Ex FIL. Amy then tries to make some crazy metaphor about an iceberg, and the Ex In-Laws just stare at her, but they're rescued from her babbling by the entrance of Lauren and Maxine. Chatter, chatter, the child and her grandparents skip off for the weekend. Maxine, after they leave, comments that she "never liked them." Maxine, always trying to be supportive of her bratty, irritating children. It's really nice of her. I would have made Vincent my sole heir long ago.

DCF; The al Jamals have been brought in by the police, who suspect them of stabbing Ayesha. Susie "The Dark Lord" Nixon makes an Ishtar joke. Maxine tells her that she isn't cute, and that she had planned to just go and talk to the al Jamals, to treat them like any other parents. Susie calls them "Nomads" and makes rude commentary about the way the Yemenites treat women in their culture. Maxine glares at Susie's back, and says that her job is taking care of their children, not passing judgment on their cultural mores. Susie wipes her hair out of her eyes, inadvertently revealing the sign of the Beast on her forehead.

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Judging Amy




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