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Crowded House

Bruce enters Amy's office to find her curled up on the sofa with a magazine, looking pensive and not very Judge-like. Amy sighs that Lizzie Turton is being charged as an adult. She's distraught that they'll never know what happens to her. Bruce gently informs her that this is all part of her job. He advises her to put it out of her mind, although he knows it's hard. Amy berates herself for worrying about missing Lauren's dance recital, when so many people have so many more serious worries. Bruce grins and reminds her that dance recitals are "a pain in the ass." He pokes fun at the way the little dancers pout if their parents miss the recital, sticking out his lower lip until Amy laughs. She tells him she's "glad he's around." He sincerely tells her he's glad he can help. They fall into each other's arms, kissing passionately. Sadly, that last part is not true.

At Veronica's apartment, Maxine attempts both to return the baby, and to help Veronica cope. Veronica informs Maxine, however, that she doesn't want the baby back, that she's in no shape to care for a child, period. She snaps that she doesn't think she really loves Nicholette at all, and that she doesn't want the baby to be raised in that kind of home. She forces Maxine to take the baby back and slams the door on her. Maxine just stands in the hallway for a moment, holding the sweet little thing in her pink cap, and looks thoughtful.

Back at the Ranch, Amy leaves to go to the movies. Lauren is at a sleepover. Vincent is back at his apartment. Gillian has gone home to Peter. Maxine is, blissfully, alone. She makes herself a cup of coffee and looks through a family photo album. One of the pictures is an early family photo, complete with Maxine in Cagney and Lacey hair. The soundtrack sings that "I get along without you very well," as Maxine rubs the photo of her late husband sentimentally. And we fade to black.

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Judging Amy




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