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Crowded House

At DCF, Maxine asks one of her employees, "Phil," to go out and check on Veronica and Nicholette. He says he can't, he's too busy. Maxine smites him down with a smoking thunderbolt. Actually, she reminds him that, because they work for the government, "overworked and unpaid is part of the job description," and basically tells him to suck it up, and do his damn job already. Phil tells her to do it. Maxine tells Phil that she's his superior, she's giving him the case, and that's the end of the discussion, foolish mortal! Phil takes the case file, smiles smarmily, and stomps off, almost running over Gillian in his haste to escape Maxine's death rays. Gillian scurries up to Maxine and explains that she has to get away from Peter, just for a little while, and would like to stay with Maxine while she tries to figure everything out. She begs Maxine to let her stay at the Ranch for a while. Maxine says that she may stay for one week, as long as she promises to rest and relax. Gillian breathes a sigh of relief and thanks her mother-in-law.

In the courtroom, Thelma questions the psych expert, who explains that DID stems from severe childhood trauma, and tells everyone that Lizzie's mother repeatedly tried to kill her, when she was small. Amy, Bruce and Thelma look distraught. Lizzie looks blank. Pysch says that DID is a coping mechanism, and that because most children who suffered what Lizzie did either die, or go completely insane, "they" consider DID patients survivors. DCF hopes up to cross-examine. He makes the case that while Lizzie might have different personalities, she's still the actual person who did the stabbing.

Back at the Ranch, Gillian is making dinner, much to the dismay of Maxine and her bags of groceries. Maxine puts a brave face on, though, and says, "It's good to try something unexpected." She walks into the study, and finds Vincent working on his story. She asks if there is someone in every room of her house. My boyfriend explains that he has to work at the Ranch because he's having roommate relations (this is BD, Before Donna, of course) problems. Maxine begins to tell Vincent that he needs to have it out with Doug, his BD roommate, but Vincent tells her he doesn't have time to talk about it, because he's on a Goddamned deadline, already! Well, he doesn't snap like that, because he's so mild-mannered, but you know he's thinking it. Maxine stomps outside, passively aggressively telling Vincent not to let her disturb him with her attempts to live in her own home.

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Judging Amy




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