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Blast From The Past

Outside, the police officers have allowed Vincent to call Loser Friend on a cell phone. More questions: why does Loser Friend have a phone with him in the Van of Death? And how do the police know his phone number? And why would Loser Friend even ANSWER his cell phone? Anyway, Vincent wants to talk to Loser Friend face to face. Loser Friend agrees, as long as Vincent "comes alone." It only takes about one minute for Vincent to convince the police that he ought to go talk to a crazy man with a bomb, alone, without any advice, or counseling from some kind of expert on crazy bombers, and without even a bulletproof vest. Man, remind me never to get into a hostage situation in Hartford.

Amy paces in her office. Bruce actually manages gets some work done, while she's quietly imagining her own death. Amy abruptly turns and snaps at him, telling him that she's mad at him, because she can't believe he'd be willing to leave her and work for another judge. Bruce calmly tells her that it isn't personal. She says that it's "very personal." She sits next to him. She tells him that agreeing to work for someone else is like admitting they did something wrong. He doesn't see it that way. Amy tells Bruce she wants him to "fight for her." All right! Now we're getting somewhere! Bruce says he is fighting for her, explaining that if he doesn't transfer, her good name will be dragged through the mud, and her reputation -- and his -- will be ruined. He wonders why their staying together is so important to her. Amy leans in and gasps that she "need[s] him!" Big, freaking word, and I think we all know exactly how she meant that. Bruce just stares at her for a second, then picks up his paperwork and dives right back in. Amy sighs, angrily, and goes back to standing by the Window of Death. God, you two! If Impending Doom doesn't spur either of you to jump in the sack, what will? A shovel, and a handful of barbiturates? Work with me!

Outside, Vincent takes twenty minutes to approach the Van of Death. He looks, understandably, nervous. Everyone else, from the police to the bomb squad, just stands there and watches him walk. He clambers inside the van, and jovially asks Loser Friend "what's up?" Both he and Loser Friend laugh nervously. Loser Friend hands Vincent a beer. Nothing cozier than sitting outside your sister's place of business, having a cold one with the guy who wants to kill her, I always say. Vincent tries to talk Loser Friend into turning himself in. He then tries to convince Loser Friend that he doesn't even believe he plans to blow up the courthouse. Loser Friend tells Vincent that all he wants is five minutes of Amy's time. Vincent tells him it isn't going to happen. Loser Friend darkly predicts that they'll "see about that."

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Judging Amy




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