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Blast From The Past

Mr. Potter is inspecting Celeste's apartment. All seems to be going well. In the kitchen, Maxine takes a gander at the contents of the garbage can, and looks distressed.

Outside the building, Mr. Potter tells Celeste that he's pleased with her progress and looks forward to reuniting her family. Maxine looks sick. She brings some heroin paraphernalia out of the pocket of her cardigan and confronts Celeste with it. At first Celeste denies that it belongs to her at all, but she breaks under Maxine's scrutiny and admits that she took one hit, just to calm herself down, because she was so nervous about the inspection. She swears she isn't really using again. Maxine, again, says nothing. Potter looks upset. Celeste weeps that she's clean. Maxine apologizes. Celeste accuses her of not really even listening, and she grabs hold of Mr. Potters open car door, crying that she "wants her babies." She sobs and bangs on his window, then falls on the street and keens on the pavement as Potter and Maxine drive away. I can bring no comedy to that, people. It ain't all laughs this week.

In Amy's office, she and Bruce are exchanging terse, work-related, words. They're getting ready to head into court, when a police officer comes in and tells them that they aren't going anywhere. There's a situation outside.

Outside, there is indeed a situation. Vincent's there to cover it for the paper. I see he's moved on from city council meetings and waste management. Police and firemen surround the courthouse -- there is a beat-up old van parked in front, which everyone gives a wide berth. A police officer tells Vincent that inside the van is a lunatic who's threatening to bomb the building unless he gets to speak to one of the judges, some woman who took his kids away. Dum dum dum dum! Vincent tells the police officer that he needs to talk to the guy in the van, that he's known him for years, that the judge he wants to talk to is his sister. The cop wonders how dumb Vincent thinks he is. Vincent flashes his press pass, proving, at least, that he and the judge in question have the same last name. ["Which is really rare and unusual. Not." -- Wing Chun]

In chambers, Amy attempts to call her family, but the police officer with them will not let her. Oksy, I'm confused. If they can get a police officer in there, why can't they get Amy and Bruce and everyone out? Was he already in the building? Is there only that one door, in and out of the courthouse? If so, why don't they all at least move away from the windows? Into the back of the building, as far way from the front door as possible? For that matter, I'm sure a building as old as that courthouse has if not an actual bomb shelter, constructed during the Cold War, then, certainly a basement. Why aren't they in the basement? It's not like Loser Friend has the entire building rigged to blow at any moment. Bruce sits calmly on the sofa, as Amy waltzes right over to the window and looks out! Girlfriend, get away from the glass! Hello?! Have none of these people seen Die Hard? Or, you know, any Movie With A Bomb, ever? Amy asks Bruce if he could "check in with those saints [he's] so friendly with." He serenely tells her that it's "already done."

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Judging Amy




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