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Blast From The Past

The doorbell rings. It's Loser Friend, totally wasted. Vincent seems pleased and surprised to see him. Loser Friend slouches into the house and explains that his wife has dumped him and that he's just lost custody of his kids. Vincent, low-key as per usual, doesn't seem shocked, or surprised, but merely sorta sorry to hear that. Loser Friend waltzes into the living room and starts reminiscing about their senior prom, and the wacky hi-jinks Vincent got up to in the back of Loser Friend's car with some random girl. Vincent has the good grace to look embarrassed about his adolescent waywardness, although he laughs. He asks Loser Friend to come back to the kitchen, and see Maxine. Loser Friend gets all drunkenly serious for a moment and claps Vincent on the shoulder and says that he heard that Vincent's dad died. Vincent's face darkens, and he tells Loser Friend that that was ten years ago. He then reminds Loser Friend that Loser Friend was at the funeral. Loser Friend takes this opportunity to wax poetic about how cool Dead Mr. Gray was, but he doesn't get too far, before Amy comes around the corner, calling Vincent for dinner. Vincent, who has realized that Loser Friend is totally off his rocker by this point, asks Amy to "look what the cat dragged in." Amy, naturally, angrily asks Loser Friend to go. Loser Friend just wants to talk. Vincent, sweetly, is totally confused. Loser Friend explains that Amy is the judge who took his kids away from him. Amy asks Vincent to escort Loser Friend from the house. Vincent looks like he wishes he'd stayed home for dinner with Donna.

I am going to watch that Survivor show, and I am going to hate myself for it.

At DCF, Mr. "I'm Not Joey's Dad" Potter tells Maxine that he's pleased Celeste's case has gone so swimmingly, thus far. He looks forward to meeting her. Maxine is winding her way back to her desk, when Charles "Son of Crenna" Duff swings into the office. Accepting a cup of coffee from Maxine, he tells her that because he isn't going to get the chance to actually get to know her, he decided "to do a little research." Maxine looks somewhat confused, as Charles spits back every financial detail of her life, including the stock-market débacle. Her face goes from pleasantly confused, to offended, to furious, and she tells Charles that he had better get on his way. Charles drawls that all the money his father made, he made for his family. Maxine, quite calmly, tells Charles that she isn't after Crenna's money. Charles says that he's sympathetic to Maxine's plight, and that perhaps they can come to an agreement. Maxine, who is angry in that quiet angry way, which is generally much more serious than the loud angry way, tells Charles to get out of her office. Charles, all patronizingly, asks that she think about what he's said. "You're the one who better think about it," Maxine says. Go Maxine! Charles smiles and walks out. Maxine looks shell-shocked. I know I've already been uncharacteristically nice to Tyne Daly in this recap, but she did a really bang-up job with that scene.

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Judging Amy




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