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Blast From The Past

Amy finds Bruce already sitting in Judge WhatsHisName's office, looking quietly distressed. The Judge tells her that "an allegation of impropriety" has been filed against her. She asks, "What kind of impropriety?" The Judge explains that the accusation is that she and "Mr. Van Exel" have been having an, ahem, extracurricular relationship. He explains that while he doesn't believe it, the accusation does come from someone who has spent time in her courtroom. The Judge explains that the allegations are being investigated, and that, should they be substantiated, both Amy and Bruce would be suspect to judicial review. He advises that Bruce work for another judge while the investigation is on going. Amy throws a fit, and says that she "depends" on Bruce, that removing him from her courtroom would "hurt children and families." Oh, whatever, Amy! We all know you're warm for his form, and you'd just miss seeing his hot bod everyday. Bruce remains silent throughout Amy's little hissy. Thinking aloud, Amy figures out that it must have been Ian who filed the complaint. She explains to WhatsHisName that Ian's had it out for her since she reprimanded him in the courtroom, and snips petulantly that WhatsHisName cannot separate her from Bruce. WhatsHisName says that he can do whatever he wants, because he's the administrative judge in that district. He nods, and dismisses them. Amy leaps to her feet, and calls the accusations sexist, and racist, but WhatsHisName stops her in her tracks, and dismisses the two of them, again.

In the hallway, Amy is livid while Bruce, as per usual, is cool as a cucumber. He tells her that he's surprised they lasted as long as they did, and tells her that he's putting in for the transfer. Amy can't believe it, but he tells her that he doesn't have a choice. They gaze at one another for a moment, before he turns on his heels and walks away. You know, Amy, if Bruce worked for another judge, you really could have a wild affair with him, and no one would even care. Why don't you put that in your pipe and smoke it?

Back at the Ranch, everyone's gathered for dinner. Vincent holds the baby, who, Gillian tells him, they've decided to call "Ned." Vincent speaks for all of America and Canada as he comments that "high school will be hell." Gillian takes the baby and dances around the kitchen, full of the joy and fulfillment of motherhood. Peter rests his head on the table. The baby isn't sleeping though the night. Well, no kidding. He's a little baby, Peter, they don't do that. Maxine wonders aloud if the family would like to met Richard Crenna. Amy freaks, wondering it this means Maxine and Richard are getting serious. Peter, of course, wakes right up at the mention of all of that money. He's totally jonesing to actually meet the rich old guy to whom he pimped out his own mother.

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Judging Amy




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