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Halls of Justice, Amy gives the Angelic Wife full custody of her children. She says she's "particularly concerned about the guns," at which point Loser Friend's counsel stands up and pulls out the old Second-Amendment argument, which Amy shuts down by asking him to "spare [her] the Charlton Heston routine." Snerk. Angelic Wife claims that Loser Friend is a "gun nut." It comes out that Loser Friend is leaving loaded guns laying around, totally unlocked, and loaded, where the children could easily get to them. (And as a sidebar; I know there was some discussion in the forums regarding the anti-gun stance this show occasionally takes. I'd like to point out two things: First, that even the NRA would agree that it's a very bad idea to leave a loaded gun, unlocked, in a home with a six-year-old and a four-year-old. No matter how you feel about gun control, any sane person can see that that situation is a recipe for tragedy. Second, I think it stands to reason that Amy would be sensitive to the danger that guns pose, considering the fact that her brother was shot and nearly killed by some crazy guy in the parking lot of the supermarket. Points to ponder. Anyway, back to the business at hand). Loser Friend starts snarking about what a beeyotch his wife is for leaving him. He pulls out the Please Don't Take My Baby Away from me speech, and throws in a little "Amy, you know me!" Amy looks a slightly freaked out by the fact that Loser Friend is making this entire thing personal, and tells him that he's not losing his children, he's "being given a chance to prove [he] can take care of them." Loser Friend doesn't understand her reasoning. He does a lot of yelling. Oh, he's a model parent.

Donna follows Amy out of the courtroom, apologizing for being absent the days previous. She tells Amy that she feels like she "got hit by a train," and that she "can't stop throwing up." Amy asks if she's pregnant, because that's how she felt when she was expecting Lauren. Donna says that "it's not possible. For [her]." Amy interprets this as meaning that Donna is infertile, and apologizes, with rare (for her) actual sorrow. Donna looks a little thoughtful (and confused), and tells Amy that Judge someone or other wants to see her in his office. Amy opens a package of Fritos and wonders why he wants to see her. Donna looks like the smell of the Fritos is making her sick and blurts that she doesn't know why, before running off, presumably to barf.

Celeste takes Maxine through her apartment, explaining that she still needs to clean. Maxine suggests she also put on some make-up and do her hair. Celeste explains that she hasn't slept because she's so nervous about the inspection the next day. Maxine explains that Celeste has really got to ace the inspection if she wants to get her children back. This frustrates Celeste, who can't believe that after working so hard to kick the heroin and alcohol, it's all "going to come down to light bulbs and make-up." Maxine gently explains that she's going to be sure the decision goes Celeste's way, and that she's on Celeste's side.

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Judging Amy




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